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Union Square Greenmarket flowers for sale (Photo: Linnea Covington)

6 Beautiful Photos That Show Spring Has Sprung at the Union Square Greenmarket

After a long, miserable winter, signs of spring are finally starting to sprout in New York City’s Greenmarkets. Though the full bounty has yet to appear, on April 14, we found fresh greens, spicy horseradish, bright tulips and daffodils, and the ubiquitous ramps at one of the city’s largest, Union Square Greenmarket. It’s just the beginning and soon even more produce will be gracing the farmers’ stands. What’s at your local Greenmarket? Tag your tag Instagram photos with #WeLoveThisCity to share what you’ve seen.


Ramps at the Union Square Greenmarket

It’s finally time for ramps, those Greenmarket darlings, which herald spring. Their flavor is a mix of spring onion, leek and wild garlic, and you can use ramps in anything that call for the former. They often appear in soups, salads, sautéed alongside vegetables, or pickled and served in late-summer dishes. The ramps season has just begun, and it lasts four to six weeks, so grab them while you can. (Photo: Linnea Covington)


Union Square Greenmarket soy beans

Lani’s Farm in Bordertown, N.J., grows black soy beans, a legume that takes twice as long as its green cousin to cultivate, but packs more nutrients. You won’t find these guys everywhere, and the season only lasts a few weeks. (Photo: Linnea Covington)


Union Square Greenmarket horseradish

Most people don’t think much about horseradish, that brown, ugly root that has started popping up in the city’s markets. But, peel away that rough exterior, and you’ll find that the semi-hard white flesh inside is the perfect spicy addition to salads, a sizzling piece of fish, and, of course, the Bloody Marys. Right now Holy Schmitt’s, a Long Island farm is selling the root whole and already mixed into condiments such as mustard, cocktail sauce and sweet pickled beets. (Photo: Linnea Covington)


Union Square Greenmarket watercress

Grab a bag of this delicate green from Lani’s Farm, which brings its leafy goods all the way from Bordertown, N.J. Watercress can be added to a salad or plopped raw on top of grilled fish, a vegetable melody, or just about anything. The bonus to eating this tiny green plant? It’s chock full of nutrients like iron and Vitamin K, which means it adds a healthy kick to anything you put it on. (Photo: Linnea Covington)


Union Square Greenmarket potted plants

Now is the time to get those tomatoes in the ground or potted on your fire escape or rooftop. There are plenty of farms selling the tiny shoots, which hold the promise of fresh, juicy tomatoes come June and July. (Photo: Linnea Covington)


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