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Big Quiz Thing’s Know New York Photo Scavenger Hunt

Have a little fun and get to know the city in our interactive photo scavenger hunt; the more you see, the more points you get and the more you know NYC

So, you’re finally here in The Big Apple! Whether this is your first visit to our fair city, your fifth, or you’re a resident, we’re willing to bet that you’ve never seen some of the fantastic, out-of-the-way, or sometimes just hidden-in-plain-sight spots on our custom-built scavenger hunt. Want to discover New York City’s secrets in less than one day?  Follow the steps below and get to know the city in ways you’ve never imagined.

Directions: Use any means necessary (phone a friend! Google! ask a New Yorker!) to determine the locations hinted at in the clues below. Once you’ve found your target destination take a picture of yourself there and mark it #NYCScavHunt on Instagram and Twitter. Find all 10 and brag to your friends and family: You got the inside scoop on this exciting city from your buddies at For a printable PDF to take along with you on your hunt, click here. Scavenger Hunt

For a printable PDF to take along with you on your hunt, click here(Illustration: Jesse Benjamin)

1. Theatre Challenge: New Yorkers tend to avoid this neighborhood, but traversing these blocks of perpetual daylight is necessary when entering or leaving The Great White Way. What historic playhouse in this neighborhood opened in 1921, featured Humphrey Bogart in its first full play, and is currently housing a production about the eldest son of Charlemagne?
10 Points, #NYCScavHunt
>> Find tickets to what’s playing at this theater and other shows.

2. History Challenge: Can you find the piece of world history located inside a small corporate park on 53rd Street?  It’s covered with some of the most famous graffiti ever created and is a symbol of freedom and progress. Don’t hit a mental wall … you’ll find it.
5 Points, #NYCScavHunt
>> 9 more hidden parks in NYC you shouldn’t miss.

3. Outdoor Challenge: With its entrance at 105th Street and Fifth Avenue, The Conservatory Garden is Central Park’s lesser known formal garden. Comprised of three separately styled gardens and spanning six acres, this designated “quiet zone” is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Harlem. Find the statue dedicated to Frances Hodgson Burnett (author of The Secret Garden) and snap a picture for your points, but the real reward is a quiet walk through this truly enchanting pocket of peace and solitude.
10 points, #NYCScavHunt
>> Check out the Uptown Treasures & Harlem Tour and other guided tours to NYC.

4. Culture Challenge: No visit to New York would be complete without a visit to one of our world-class museums. It’s a challenge to get through the approximately 2,000,000 square feet of space in  The Metropolitan Museum of Art in a single visit, but it’s certainly worth a try. During your visit, find the Pompeian fresco in Gallery 164 with the imprint of a leaf, upside down, still visible in its outline of paint. Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to paint a fresco and a leaf gets in your way?  Pompeians! They’re just like us!
10 points, #NYCScavHunt
>> Purchase tickets to the Met and other museums and attractions and read our complete guide to Secrets of the Met.

5. Noshing Challenge: “Nosh” is the Yiddish word for food or snack, and if you’re trekking around NYC all day you’re going to need fuel! New York is home to many iconic foods, but you’ll find these three on almost every corner in the city: pizza, hot dogs and pretzels. Pick one or collect all three. Snap a photo of you or a friend enjoying your favorite NYC foodstuff; extra points if you can get the vendor smiling, too.
5 points each, +1 each for vendor joy #NYCScavHunt
>>Check out our restaurants section for the latest in openings, trends and news.

6. Walking Challenge: This Neo-Gothic structure is one of the most iconic bridges in New York City and maybe even the world. A walk over this architectural beauty not only grants you outstanding views of The Statue of Liberty, and — from the Brooklyn side — the Manhattan skyline, it also connects you to one of the hippest boroughs in NYC.
10 points, #NYCScavHunt
>>Check out a walking tour for an on-the-ground look at what makes this city great.

7. Sculpture Challenge: Who said New York is a city without wildlife?  There just so happens to be a giant specimen of curisium vulgara down in New York’s Bowling Green Park. Get a picture with this beauty — or beast — depending on your point of view.
5 points, #NYCScavHunt
>>8 more public art works you shouldn’t miss while you’re here.

8. Scene-It Challenge: Countless films and television shows take place in New York City — as evidenced by the constant presence of craft services tables on our hallowed sidewalks. Despite the romantic draw of our mean streets and high rises, Central Park has captured the imaginations of directors for more than 100 years. When Harry Met Sally, Enchanted, Serendipity, Home Alone 2 — these films should credit Central Park as a major character. Find the bridge in Central Park that served as a backdrop in When in Rome, Made of Honor, Spider-Man 3, Night at the Museum and Autumn in New York.
10 points, #NYCScavHunt
>>For the complete rundown of the park’s starring role on screen, take the Central Park TV and Movie tour.

9. Landmark Challenge: This famous NYC landmark is home to the building that provides what many say is the best view in the city. Enter the building behind the famous skating rink and go down the stairs or escalator to discover an underground warren of shops, restaurants and amenities that are the secret weapon of New Yorkers who work in this popular part of Midtown.
5 points, #NYCScavHunt
>> Get tickets to this and other NYC landmarks.

10. Literary Challenge: Stroll through Union Square to reach this destination, a mecca for all bookworms. This bookshop famously contains 18 miles of new, used and rare books and has been open since 1927. Go for the books, stay to wander the lively neighborhood.
5 points, #NYCScavHunt
>>Take a young readers tour of NYC with our self-guided Children’s Literature Tour.

Bonus Challenge: In addition to the view of Lady Liberty in the Walking Challenge, there are many great ways to see this iconic statue without traveling out to Liberty Island. Discover your own best view of the statue or check out views of our favorite French import from the following locations:

–From Red Hook Brooklyn: Travel to Red Hook is tricky (take the B61 bus from Jay Street/Borough Hall), but once there you can easily spend the day wandering around this charming urban enclave. Pick up a lobster roll from the Red Hook Lobster Pound, grab something sweet at Baked, and enjoy a walk along Valentino Pier coupled with stunning views of Liberty Enlightening the World (her official name).

–From the Museum of Jewish Heritage: This living memorial to those who perished in the Holocaust houses a permanent installation titled Voice of Liberty, which can be experienced while standing with a meaningful view of The Statue herself.

–Seasonally, from Governors Island: A quick ferry ride from Manhattan or Brooklyn lands you on this recreational island with fabulous views of The Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan. Labor Day through the end of September.
+10 points per Lady Liberty snap, #NYCScavHunt
>> Check out our Secrets of the Statue of Liberty to learn more about this New York City icon.

When you’re done: Don’t forget to take a picture of yourself at each spot and mark it #NYCScavHunt on Instagram and Twitter — add it all up to see how you rank.
100+: Bonafide New Yorker
80-89: Big Apple lover
65-79: Top-notch tourist
0-64: Visit more often!

For the answers (no cheating!) click here.

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