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There is so much to discover at New York’s must-see museums and iconic buildings and monuments

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  1. Aphrodisiac Cooking (Photo: Courtesy of Sex on the Table)

    Take This Class: Aphrodisiac Cooking

    If you have ever wondered what foods contain aphrodisiacs, aside from the obvious chocolate and oysters, and wanted to go the extra mile by learning how to cook with them, chef Fed Federer's class is right up your alley ...
  2. Eve Fowler's 'A Spectacle and Nothing Strange' (The Museum of Modern Art Library. © 2014 Eve Fowler)

    On View: Insights on Sites of Reason at the Museum of Modern Art

    The relationship between ideas and the physical world is the premise behind ...
  3. Swoon's Submerged Motherlands at the Brooklyn Museum (Photo: Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum)

    Daily 5, Anniversary Edition: Northside Festival, World Cup at Bars Across NYC, More officially launched a year ago, and in celebration we are expanding our usually listing of five great daily events in NYC to 10 through June 20. Read on ...
  4. New York City from the air (Photo: Schatz/Flickr CC)

    10 Spots You Shouldn’t Leave New York Without Seeing

    New York is a city where people come and go, whether those people be tourists, summer renters or longtime residents. It’s also a city with millions of things to do and not enough time to do it, no matter how ...
  5. Parquet Courts (Photo: Ben Rayner)

    Daily 5, Anniversary Edition: La Roux, Dan Barber and Ira Glass, More

    You might have noticed that it's the one-year anniversary of, and in honor of that milestone we are upping our usually daily five to a daily 10 ...
  6. 'Jeff and Buttons,' a performance at ANT Fest 2014 (Photo: Courtesy of ANT Fest)

    Daily 5, Anniversary Edition: Willie Nelson, Shake Shack Special Menu, ANT Fest, More

    Though we usually only give you a daily five great things to do in NYC, in honor of our one-year anniversary we are upping it to 10. ...
  7. Peter Murphy (Photo: Alterna2/Flickr CC)

    Daily 5, Anniversary Edition: Jerry Seinfeld, Peter Murphy, More

    It's our one-year anniversary, and instead of the usual five best things to do in New York City each and every day, we're delivering 10 great things to do ...
  8. Summer at Union Square Greenmarket (Photo: Linnea Covington)

    Signs of Summer at Union Square Greenmarket: 9 Enticing Photos

    It's June, and finally the farmers markets in New York City are seeing some real produce action. This week at Union Square Greenmarket we found all sorts of tasty treats like tender stalks of asparagus, juicy strawberries and rainbow chard ...
  9. The Strokes (Photo: Roger Kisby/Getty Images)

    Daily 5, Weekend Edition: Governors Ball, Tony Awards, More

    Don't miss out! picks the five best things to do in New York City each and every day. Read on for the weekend's best events (June 6-8), from The Governors Ball on Randall's Island to the 2014 Tony Awards ...
  10. Must-See NYC: The Ultimate To-Do List for the Newbie, Experienced and Pro (Photos: iStockphoto)

    Must-See NYC: The Ultimate To-Do List for the Newbie, Experienced and Pro

    You’ve made it to New York City, but what now? You don't want to miss a thing and can't wait to take photos (and selfies) that say, "I was there" and "I did that." Despite its small footprint, New York can seem ...