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Summer at Union Square Greenmarket (Photo: Linnea Covington)

Signs of Summer at Union Square Greenmarket: 9 Enticing Photos

It’s June, and finally the farmers markets in New York City are seeing some real produce action. This week at Union Square Greenmarket we found all sorts of tasty treats like tender stalks of asparagus, juicy strawberries and rainbow chard, just to name a few. Head there now to see summer’s first harvest. The Union Square Greenmarket is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8am to 6pm.


Union Square Greenmarket asparagus

These tender bunches of asparagus come from Kernan Farms in Cumberland County, N.J. Right now is the peak time for this vegetable, look for thin stalks with a tight head on top (Photo: Linnea Covington)


Union Square Greenmarket strawberries

Finally, strawberries are here and so juicy, you need a napkin to clean up. Chances are you won’t be able to withhold from eating a whole carton, so it’s safer to buy two, which you can at Kernan Farms for $10 (Photo: Linnea Covington)


Union Square Greenmarket alstromeria

You might have seen these bright, hearty flowers in your local deli, but the ones making a debut at Rose Meadow right now are even more colorful and fresh looking. They last up to 10 days and are a perfect addition to any bouquet (Photo: Linnea Covington)


Union Square Greenmarket chard

From Migliorelli Farm, these bright bunches of rainbow chard are only $2 a bunch, a good deal in the market. Clean them well and then saute with a little olive oil and garlic for a summery side dish (Photo: Linnea Covington)


Union Square Greenmarket chamomile

Fresh chamomile can be used for all sorts of things beyond tea. Try it in a salad, a garnish for grilled fish, or cooked into a simple syrup and used in cocktails. We spotted this bunch at S & SO Produce Farms, from Orange County, N.Y., which happens to be one of the Greenmarket’s founding farmers in 1976 (Photo: Linnea Covington)


Union Square Greenmarket honey

Nothing says NYC more than honey produced on rooftop in the city. At Andrew’s Honey, they sell sweet stuff that comes from roofs, balconies and community gardens in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Grab a jar if you have allergies, as this is one of the best ways to help cure them (Photo: Linnea Covington)


Union Square Greenmarket scallion

Why go for boring green scallions when you can get red ones instead? These sleek beauties come from S & SO Produce Farms and can be used in just about any salad, soup or main course (Photo: Linnea Covington)


Union Square Greenmarket snapdragons

Fresh from Rose Meadow, grab a $10 bunch of these striking flowers for your sweetheart. The vendor says they should last 10 days in fresh water, not as long as your love but still a pretty good run (Photo: Linnea Covington)

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