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Take This Class: Carbon Dust Drawing Workshop

Want to learn a new skill by studying an old art form? Take the Morbid Anatomy Museum’s Carbon Dust Drawing Workshop, which focuses on a technique developed by medical artist Max Brodel in the late 19th century. Once digital imaging became the norm, this style of drawing proved obsolete and mostly forgotten. But for some people, it’s still a beautiful way to depict the human body. No, you can’t find a class like this anywhere else, and though the museum has hosted this type of course before, they don’t have another on the calendar as of yet, so this may be your only chance.

A carbon dust drawing by the instructor of Morbid Anatomy's workshop (Illustration: Marie Dauenheimer)

A carbon dust drawing by the instructor of Morbid Anatomy’s workshop (Illustration: Marie Dauenheimer)

What to Expect: Taught by Marie Dauenheimer, a board-certified medical illustrator from Washington DC, this six-and-a-half hour course delves into the realm of creating anatomically accurate drawings based on real physical structures. Before starting on the project, Dauenheimer will discuss how back in the day, medical artists layered carbon dust on prepared paper to give drawings a luminous, textural and three-dimensional character. Sure, it’s a little nerdy and mostly for those really interested in old ways of drawing and creating art, but hey, it will give you something interesting to talk about at the office on Monday.

Price: $75 per person

When: Sunday, July 27 from 10am to 4:30pm

Where: Morbid Anatomy Museum, 424A 3rd Ave., Brooklyn,

What to Bring: The price includes all materials, though you may want to bring water and a snack or light lunch since it’s over six hours long.

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