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Take This Class: Homebrewing

Making beer in the comfort of your own home is all the rage lately. And the bonus is that you don’t need a lot of space to do it, so it’s the perfect hobby for city dwellers. At the beer supply shop Bitter & Esters (named after two flavor profiles found in beer) in Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, they teach an introductory class on homebrewing. The best part? Once class is over, you can buy all the ingredients and tools you need right there to make suds at home.


Brew your own beer at Bitter & Esters (Photo: Bitter & Esters)

Brew your own beer at Bitter & Esters (Photo: Bitter & Esters)

What to Expect: We are assured that as long as you pay attention to what the instructor is saying (and not just to the two pints of homebrewed beer they give you), you’ll be ready to go home and make beer. During the two- to three-hour class, the instructors will show you how to brew using the same equipment you can buy to take home, so there won’t be any mystery about what that hose is for and how much water to use with the hops. You’ll also learn about extract brewing, malts, grains and yeasts. Ultimately, expect to walk away with a light buzz and a solid understanding of how the brewing process works and the best way to do it at home. It’s time to start planning your next party.

Price: $55

Where: 700 Washington Ave., 917-596-7261,

When: The next two intro classes are on Sunday, July 20, 12-2:30pm, and Thursday, July 24, 6:30-9pm. Usually, they teach about eight of these courses a month.

What to Bring: You need nothing but yourself, and maybe a friend to brew with.

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