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Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Doctors

Power up your Proton Pack and get to the Met!

Could ghosts be lurking in the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Two NYC “Ghost Doctors” think so, and this Halloween season they are leading a tour complete with ghost hunting equipment to hunt them out. Native New Yorkers, ghost doctors, paranormal investigators and licensed tour guides, Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew will explore the halls of Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and the Pharaohs of Egypt in search of ghosts long associated with these civilizations — and you’re invited to join.

While other ghost events focus on storytelling, this tour is an active search for spirits. With over 2 million items on display in the Met, the Ghost Doctors suspect that there is some unfinished business with artists, royalty, muses and more. “It’s a common thread among the paranormal community that certain objects can attract or even absorb ghostly energies, so it stands to reason the Met with it’s world class collection is the perfect place to hunt for art loving spirits,” says Dr. Stew.

Met Arch Participants use real ghost-hunting equipment like infrared temperature detectors and electromagnetic field readers to detect the presence of ghosts, while Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew share museum trivia and history, as well as theories behind why certain areas of the museum are especially worthy of a ghost hunting expedition. You’ll even learn how to turn your digital camera into a ghost detector, with the ability to pick up paranormal activity. The tour kicks off on October 27, 2012 at 5 p.m. and lasts 1½ to 2 hours, depending on the type of ghostly activity encountered in the museum’s haunted halls. After the tour, participants are encouraged to continue the hunt independently, using new skills to chase down spirits throughout the museum.

Maybe you’ll encounter an ancient Egyptian spirit, or maybe you’ll encounter the ghostly little girl of a former worker at the museum who haunts the mezzanine; at the very least, you’ll see this amazing museum in a (spooky) new light.

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