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Dinner and a Show: Where to Eat Before ‘Rocky’

A pairing of two Philadelphia prides

You’re going to see Rocky at the Winter Garden Theatre and you need to know where to eat dinner beforehand? No problem! We’ve got just the spot for Philadelphia’s — and Rocky Balboa’s — favorite dish.


Eat at Philly Cheese Steak 710 before seeing 'Rocky' (Photos: Mary-Louise Price Foss, inset: Matthew Murphy)

Eat at Philly Cheese Steak 710 before seeing ‘Rocky’ (Photos: Mary-Louise Price Foss, inset: Matthew Murphy)

The Show: It’s a classic underdog story of a down-on-his-luck boxer with big dreams and a formidable hook. Rocky Balboa goes from small-time fighter to heavyweight champ, gaining outer, and inner, strength along the way. The musical, based on the Oscar-winning 1976 Stallone film, features the impressive footwork, and singing, of Andy Karl. Catch him before the musical closes on August 17.

The Restaurant: A quick-stop sandwich shop that serves the delicacy of Rocky’s hometown.

What to Eat: The name says it all. You can get one “wit” whiz, Provolone or American cheese; “wit” onion; or “witout” ($9), even though you are 99 miles from the City of Brotherly Love. Snacks and sides include all manner of fries (cheese, chili, chili cheese, $3.45-$4.95). Sorry, no raw egg shakes here.

What Else to Know: The spot were Rocky downs a cheesesteak in the film is Pat’s in Philadelphia. A plaque marks the site where Stallone once stood.

For more restaurants near Rocky, see our Theater District dining listings.

Philly Cheese Steak 710
710 Ninth Ave.

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