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Alex Karpovsky
"I love going to McCarren Park in Williamsburg because I live nearby. It's not the prettiest or biggest of parks, but it's all we have in Williamsburg."

Alex Karpovsky’s New York

Alex Karpovsky is an actor in the hit HBO series 'Girls.' He's also a filmmaker who writes, directs and stars in the movies 'Rubberneck' and 'Red Flag'

What do you love about New York?

1. Being bombarded with so many people every day is really invigorating and full of creative and artistic fodder. I really like that. In most other cities, the bubble around you is much thicker and you just aren’t forced to confront as many people.

2. One thing that I have to do six days a week is play basketball at the 14th Street Y. I’m not very good at it, but I love playing it, and it gives me a complete release. There’s just a really great group of guys, and they’re really nice and generous. Because I’m not very good I have to pay so much attention when I play just not to get destroyed physically, so I can’t think about any other part of my life. I can’t think about e-mails or responsibilities or anything, so in that sense it’s sort of a real release, it’s meditative.

3. I love going to McCarren Park in Williamsburg because I live nearby. It’s not the prettiest or biggest of parks, but it’s all we have in Williamsburg. It’s sort of in the middle of Williamsburg, and there’s a big track on one side and a bunch of baseball diamonds on the other. And I just love walking through it, and looking at the trees and listening to people play sports. I don’t listen to music. I just listen to the people yelling at each other and stuff. It’s really fun.

4. I really like Red Hook. I really like walking along the water. That’s also a really quiet neighborhood. I like that it’s desolate, it’s quiet. There are cobblestones. There’s salt in the air. There’s a great bar called Sunny’s [currently closed due to hurricane Sandy damage] that I really, really love. Oh, it’s just sort of quiet. It’s out of the way.


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