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Matt Damon
"I love walking down the street here. There aren't a lot of cities where you can do that. You certainly can't do that in L.A."

Matt Damon’s New York

Matt Damon is an Oscar-winning and Emmy-nominated actor, screenwriter and producer with many films to his credit, including 'Good Will Hunting,' which launched his career, 'Saving Private Ryan' and the 'Ocean's' series. He can now be seen in 'Behind the Candelabra'

What do you love about New York?

1. Ben Affleck and I grew up in Boston. We used to come to New York to audition for movies when we were young. I was 16, so it was tied to a whole other sense of emerging independence that I had and an understanding of the world. I love it for that. … I have these incredible memories of driving across the Triborough Bridge. Or taking the train down or the bus. And sometimes, very rarely in those days, this was in the mid-to late 80s—sometimes you would see a film shooting here. You always knew that it was one of the biggest movies because it was shooting in New York. It was a big deal.

2. Our dream was not only to work in the movie business but to actually someday get a movie that actually shot in New York. I can’t tell you what it’s like to be 25 years down the road to have done a number of movies in New York, to be raising my children here in New York. And I’m so proud to live here. That’s why I’m raising my kids here. The experience they can get here is unlike anything they can get anywhere else. I still get that feeling when I’m walking down the street. I love walking down the street here. There aren’t a lot of cities where you can do that. You certainly can’t do that in L.A.


New York Love

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