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  1. A room at the Gramercy Park Hotel (Photo: Gramercy Park Hotel)

    The 10 Most Beautiful Hotels in New York City

    Granted, beauty is subjective. So is taste. But some things transcend subjectivity and style, and simply take our breath away, like these ten hotels. ...
  2. The Westin New York at Times Square (Photo: Westin Hotels)

    8 Surprisingly Affordable Hotels in Times Square

    The lights, the sounds, the action. The bustling nature of Times Square makes it one of the most visited sights in Manhattan. And if you want to stay in this beating -- usually very expensive -- heart of the city ...
  3. beekman-hotel-room2_200

    A New Hotel Icon: The Beekman Opens in New York City

    If The Beekman were a person, it would be someone like David Bowie, an artist who evolved, richly, with the times, while maintaining an alluring privacy. ...
  4. plus-pool-party-16949_2118755_200

    Pictures Around Town: +POOL Fundraising Event Makes a Splash at the William Vale Hotel

    As previously reported, +POOL, a floating pool complete with a water filtration system, aims to create a splash in the East River. The 9000-square foot, plus-sign shaped pool will quadruple as a lap pool, a kids' pool, sports pool and a lounge pool. Given the innovative design and filtration system used to take advantage of the city's natural river resources, the pool comes at high price tag at $15 million. In order to raise funds ...
  5. The Paper Factory Hotel (Photo: Courtesy of The Paper Factory Hotel)

    8 Terrific Hotels in Queens in NYC

    Just like Eddie Murphy thought in Coming to America, Queens is the place to be, what with its close proximity to both Manhattan and NYC’s main airports -- JFK and LaGuardia. ...
  6. algonquin-cat-fashion-show-2016_200

    Pictures Around Town: The Algonquin Cat Fashion Show 2016 Celebrates the Celebs That Made the Hotel Famous

    Just in time for Cats on Broadway, which opened July 31, the Algonquin Hotel Cat Fashion Show has returned with its fanciful felines in their most fabulous costumes ...
  7. Lantern's Keep in The Iriquois Hotel (Photo: Lantern's Keep)

    10 Sexiest Hotel Bars in New York City

    Freestanding bathtubs and oversized beds swaddled in Egyptian cotton aren’t the only reason to covet a night at a posh hotel. Savoring a well-wrought drink in the bar, ...
  8. New York City skyline

    10 NYC Hotels with the Best Views

    As logic dictates, for the best views of Manhattan, you either need to leave the island or go up -- the higher the better. From head-on vistas of Lady Liberty to eyefuls of Central Park green, ...
  9. row-nyc_200

    The 10 Best Budget Hotels in New York City

    Everyone loves a deal, and we have ten of them for you. These inviting hotels cost $150 or less a night, so you can save your money on other things, like cuisine, cocktails -- and Broadway ...
  10. renaissance-new-york-hotel_200

    12 Perfect Hotels Near NYC’s Best Shopping Streets

    Let’s face it: Shopping can be exhausting. Perfect solution? Pick a hotel near your favorite shopping district. This way, you can refuel between bouts of shopping, and when you wake up in the morning, you can hit the stores first thing, before the crowds descend. ...