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  1. Rooftop yoga at The James (Photo: Courtesy of The James)

    Get Fit: Top Hotel Summer Fitness Amenities

    Can’t find the motivation to wake up at dawn to do pelvic tilts and downward-facing dogs? Add a skyline view and it gets a lot easier. ...
  2. Sip cocktails on the rooftop lounge of the Knickerbocker (Photo: Courtesy of the Knickerbocker)

    Opening Soon: The Knickerbocker

    Few hotels can match the guest list of The Knickerbocker, which was built in 1906 by John Jacob Astor IV and welcomed the glitterati of the day. F. Scott Fitzgerald slept here ...
  3. The Tatami Suite at The Kitano

    8 Most Serene Hotels in NYC

    New York may be known as the city that never sleeps, but let’s face it, if you’re here on vacation you’re likely looking to catch some Zs in between all of that sightseeing ...
  4. (Illustration: Jeanine Henderson)

    Confessions of a Hotel Doorman

    Carting heavy suitcases in the pouring rain for a family of eight. Total tip: 75 cents. Standing in the middle of a Midtown street at rush hour trying to avoid swerving cars while hailing a cab. Tip: A slice of leftover pie ...
  5. Casablanca Hotel in Times Square (Photo: Courtesy of the Casablanca Hotel)

    8 Best Theater District Hotels in New York City

    Broadway shows are one of the biggest draws in NYC -- in recent years, annual attendance has topped 12 million. That’s a lot of people who need rooms, and the Theater District obliges, with a wide range of hotels, across all price points ...
  6. Gurney's in Montauk (Photo: Agency Red)

    Now Re-Opened: Gurney’s in Montauk

    "A reinvention by the sea," is how The New York Times recently summed up Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa in the Hamptons. The iconic Montauk resort reopened over Memorial Day weekend ...
  7. Gansevoort Park Hotel (Photo: Courtesy of the Gansevoort Hotel Group)

    8 NYC Hotels with the Best Rooftops

    In the same way that heat rises, so too do New Yorkers as summer arrives. Rooftop season is kicking off, and hotels across the city are unveiling their soaring bars, places of relaxation both for visitors spending the night and New Yorkers ...
  8. sanctuary-haven-rooftop_200

    Hotel Deals for Father’s Day 2014: Book Now

    Does Dad already have all the ties (and cologne and socks and cuff links) that he needs? Gift him a night out at a swanky hotel. The Trump Hotel Central Park offers "one-stop shopping," with its Father’s Day Package (available ...
  9. Marmara Park Avenue (Photo: Courtesy of Marmara Park Avenue)

    Opening Soon: Marmara Park Avenue

    Stay for a night -- or a whole month -- at the gleaming new Marmara Park Avenue, due to open in August 2014 in Midtown. As part of a growing trend in residential-style hotels, the Marmara is outfitted with both guestrooms ...
  10. 8 NYC Hotel Suites Priced Within Reach (Photo: Wythe Hotel)

    8 NYC Hotel Suites Priced Within Reach

    In a city known for its teeny hotel rooms at sky-high prices, there is a surprising moment of moderation: suites. Throughout New York City spacious suites do exist -- some with awe-inspiring views, others with lounge space, soaking tubs or even ...