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  1. Mix a cocktail at the Wythe Hotel minibar (Photo: Courtesy of Wythe Hotel)

    The Return of the NYC Hotel Minibar

    A bag of salted cashews, a miniature bottle of scotch, some M&Ms: $26. Few hotel amenities exploit the price of convenience ...
  2. The Breslin (Photo: Melissa Hom/Courtesy of The Breslin)

    10 Best Hotel Restaurants in NYC

    When you're choosing a hotel, there are certain boxes to tick: location, price, comfort level… and, now, excellent food. ...
  3. Pool Party at Dream Downtown (Photo by Daniel the Photographer)

    8 NYC Hotel Pool Parties Not to Miss This Summer

    The bad news: Summer in New York can be unbearably hot and sticky. The good news: There are lots of places to cool off. ...
  4. Pedal and picnic in Central Park with The Mark (Photo: Courtesy of The Mark)

    Get Out: Top Summer Picnics at NYC Hotels

    Life’s a picnic at many New York City hotels this summer, which are offering splashy picnic deals in the city parks.  ...
  5. Enjoy booze and books at The James (Photo: ThinkLeigh Photography/Courtesy of The James)

    Cool Off with Summer Cocktails at NYC Hotels

    The old saying that “Necessity is the mother of invention” sums up this year’s crop of summer cocktails at NYC hotels. ...
  6. The Algonquin in NYC (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

    Secrets of The Algonquin

    Snap poll: Name a New York City hotel that's known for its literary history. One place unfailingly comes to mind -- Midtown’s Beaux Arts beauty The Algonquin. Opened in 1902, The Algonquin quickly became the center for the ...
  7. Wythe Hotel (Photo: Wythe Hotel)

    Which New York City Hotel Neighborhood is Right for You?

    A visit to New York City presents you with a million different decisions -- where to eat, what museums to visit, which Broadway shows to watch. ...
  8. Rooftop yoga at The James (Photo: Courtesy of The James)

    Get Fit: Top Hotel Summer Fitness Amenities

    Can’t find the motivation to wake up at dawn to do pelvic tilts and downward-facing dogs? Add a skyline view and it gets a lot easier. ...
  9. Sip cocktails on the rooftop lounge of the Knickerbocker (Photo: Courtesy of the Knickerbocker)

    Opening Soon: The Knickerbocker

    Few hotels can match the guest list of The Knickerbocker, which was built in 1906 by John Jacob Astor IV and welcomed the glitterati of the day. F. Scott Fitzgerald slept here ...
  10. (Illustration: Jeanine Henderson)

    Confessions of a Hotel Doorman

    Carting heavy suitcases in the pouring rain for a family of eight. Total tip: 75 cents. Standing in the middle of a Midtown street at rush hour trying to avoid swerving cars while hailing a cab. Tip: A slice of leftover pie ...