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  1. Enjoy an in-room Thanksgiving feast at The Palace (Photo: The Palace)

    Gobble, Gobble: Thanksgiving Feasts at NYC Hotels

    Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for many things -- family, friends, chorizo stuffing. And for not having to do the dirty dishes. ...
  2. View the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from the Hilton Midtown (Photo: Hilton)

    Rooms With a View: NYC Hotels on the Thanksgiving Day Parade Route

    It’s not just the balloons that are massive at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. So are the crowds. ...
  3. Pamper your pet with VIPaws at Affinia 50 (Photo: Affinia)

    10 NYC Hotels That Go the Extra Mile for Pets

    At select hotels across the city, “VIP” doesn’t refer to Very Important People, but Very Important Pets. ...
  4. Relax on the rooftop terrace of Hyatt Herald Square (Photo: Hyatt Herald Square)

    Now Open: Hyatt Herald Square

    Hyatt has had a busy couple of years in NYC: After much anticipation (and five-plus years in the making), Hyatt Union Square launched in 2013. ...
  5. Hotel Chelsea (Photo: Bobbi Bowers/Flickr CC)

    10 Legendary NYC Hotels

    If these walls could talk, oh the stories they would tell. From the silver screen to the silver spoon, these historic hotels have seen it all -- and now you can too. ...
  6. Riff Chelsea (Photo: Riff Chelsea)

    ‘Express Yourself’ at New Riff Chelsea Hotel

    Do you (secretly) think the ‘80s was the best musical decade? This is your hotel. The Riff Chelsea, a colorful new rock-and-roll hotel, was once home to the pop star who defined the '80s: Madonna. ...
  7. The Cosmopolitan (Photo: The Cosmopolitan)

    8 NYC Hotels You’ve Never Heard Of (That Are Worth Staying the Night)

    Book a brand-name hotel in New York City and you’ll pay a brand-name price. And while there’s a certain appeal to a known entity, what is unknown can be just as inviting. ...
  8. Enjoy the view from the Hotel Hugo rooftop (Photo: Hotel Hugo)

    Hotel Hugo Opens in NYC

    When one neighborhood becomes saturated, create another. And then give it a catchy name. New York has followed this approach across Manhattan, ...
  9. 11 Things You Hotel Concierge Won’t Tell You (Illustration: Mary-Louise Price Foss)

    11 Things Your Hotel Concierge Won’t Tell You

    There's nothing a good hotel concierge can’t do. Seemingly without effort, they produce hot theater tickets, fabulous restaurant reservations, cabs in the rain ...
  10. Enjoy the view from the new Sixty SoHo (Photo: Sixty SoHo)

    Sixty SoHo Opens in NYC

    SoHo has long been a place to shop. Now, it’s also a place to sleep. ...