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3 Assets You Need to Be a Strong Club Promoter

If you have a strong network full of fun (and beautiful) people, and party people are naturally drawn to you, you can potentially make a nice side income to whatever white-collar job you have now by serving as a club promoter. I know, I know, who becomes club promoters? Well, it’s an honest job and in high demand by restaurateurs and club owners competing for maximum nightlife wallet share. If you go out all the time anyway and are in your early 20s, the complementary cash flow can make a huge difference as to whether you can say yes to the share in the Hamptons you want for next summer. Here are the three traits or assets you should have to be a successful club promoter.

How to be a Nightclub Promoter (Photo: iStockphoto)

Immediate access to a reliable network of positive, party-going people
You were president of your sorority, Phi Beta Kappa, and runner up at your hometown’s Miss “Your Hometown” pageant. You were known for your sweet disposition, gregariousness and down to earth demeanor. People love to go out with you. If this describes you in any way, you would probably be a good club promote responsible for bringing up to 100 people a weekend night.

The right aesthetic
The hottest clubs in the city rely on promoters to bring the right looking crowd into their establishment in order to attract more of the right crowd. If you have the image that a club is looking for, you can party on the club’s dime and score a percentage of the cover charges you bring in — and even part of the beverage sales (more likely with a smaller bar or club).

Stamina and patience
You may love to go out and are good to go through 3am most weekends, but mixing work with pleasure as a club promoter can be stressful. You’ll be on your phone texting and calling all night, negotiating with your friends and friends of friends to make it out as soon as they can. It’s the only way you will actually make a promoter gig worth your while. Who knows, if you really love it and become known in the space, there is no telling what type of promotion or media gig you might land next.

Debra Wheatman is a certified writer and career coach who has guided the professional development of thousands of clients globally. She is reachable at

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