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5 Tips to a Successful New York Interview

Scheduling an interview is just the first step to getting hired. Follow these five tips to land your dream job in New York City.

Dress to kill…but be smart about it
Studies have proven that attractive people get offered more jobs, make more money and generally just have more options available to them in the city. This is true in every industry. Accept this as a rule to the recruiting game for the investment bank, consulting firm, or media company you are targeting and maximize your odds of getting invited to a second, third or final round interview by looking your absolute best. But don’t go overboard. Keep flashy, expensive jewelry at home. Think conservative chic – and clean!

A firm handshake
I cannot tell you how many candidates I have encountered over the years who were just total failures when it came to a giving me a professional handshake. In the five seconds it takes to shake your interviewer’s hand, you can choose to communicate your confidence, energy, and enthusiasm for the opportunity at hand, or you can express the total opposite. If you are interviewing for a job in New York, practice a firm, sturdy handshake with eye contact, and perfect it.

Tips for a Successful Interview
SAR (situation-action-result)

If you remember just one thing from this list, remember SAR. When answering questions during your interview about your experience, projects or achievements, it is critical to ALWAYS provide the Situation regarding the business problem you faced, the Actions you personally took to meet a given objective and the Result that followed. Apply this methodology to all of the answers you expect to give and you will be clear, crisp, and succinct. Your interviewer will fully appreciate your brevity, clarity and directness.

Interview your interviewer
Your interviewer is just waiting for you to bring up her favorite topic – herself! She can’t wait to tell you all about what she does, how she joined the company, and where she sees herself in five years. Throw her the bone and your interview will take a turn for the better. Asking this question will naturally lend itself to specific questions about the company’s current and future standing, which will suggest you did your homework and are engaged. This is a must-do in any New York interview.

Write a thoughtful and sincere Thank You note
Within 24-48 hours of completing your interview, take the 15 additional minutes to write a thoughtful thank you note to all of your interviewers. You have to assume that people within a company talk and if you had multiple interviews, the people you spoke with might notice that you sent them all the same message. Avoid this by tailoring each e-mail you write to a specific person and interaction, and you should be just fine. Even better – send your interviewers hand-written notes and set yourself apart.

Debra Wheatman is a certified writer and career coach who has guided the professional development of thousands of clients globally. She is reachable at

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