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Everything you need to know about career building and finding and keeping a job in New York City

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  1. jobs report May

    What May’s Monthly Jobs Report Means for New York

    Although the national unemployment rates didn't move much in May according to the U.S. Department of Labor's monthly jobs report -- up just one tenth of a percent ...
  2. Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn (Photo: Twentieth Century Fox)

    How to Land an Internship at Google

    In the movie The Internship starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, two has-been salesmen land internships at Google and compete for top shots at employment ...
  3. General Assembly

    Cool Companies with Cool Spaces: OpenCo Inspiration

    It's a New York obsession—peeking into un-shuttered apartment windows to see what amazing space lies within. What if you could do the same and peel back the curtain ...
  4. Humans of New York

    How Does Webby Winner and ‘Humans of New York’ Photog Do It?

    The Webby Awards, an award honoring excellence on the Internet, wrapped up in New York last week and one winner who caught our eye was Bedford-Stuyvesant resident Brandon Stanton ...
  5. Tips for Small-Talking Your Way to the Top

    Tips for Small-Talking Your Way to the Top

    There is an art to making small talk and the sooner you master it, the more natural it will feel to network. Here are my best tips for connecting with anyone. ...
  6. Top networking tips

    How to Network Like a Pro

    The old adage that it's not what you know, it's who you know, holds true in every industry. That is why networking should be your top priority when you are searching for a new job. Here are three top tips. ...
  7. job perks

    New York Companies with the Best Perks

    A recent study commissioned by found that 95 percent of people surveyed said benefits and perks were the determining factor of whether or not to take a job, even over salary ...
  8. banker hangouts

    10 Best Hangouts for Bankers

    Not all networking happens from behind a keyboard. When you're looking to break into an industry, it helps to know people ...
  9. graduates

    Best New York Job Prospects for Recent Grads

    There's nothing more exhilarating than walking off the stage, diploma in hand, straight into your brand new future. On the flip side ...
  10. Resume Don'ts (iStockphoto)

    12 Things Not to Do on Your Resume

    According to the most recent report, New York City has a 9.1% unemployment rate, compared to a national average of 7.7%. With more than eight million people in the five boroughs, the competition for what jobs do exist is fierce. ...