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Everything you need to know about career building and finding and keeping a job in New York City

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  1. Pros to LinkedIn Endorsements

    3 Reasons Why LinkedIn Endorsements are Worth It

    Do LinkedIn endorsements really matter? If you are a passive user of LinkedIn you probably don't pay too much attention to them ...
  2. Make Your Resume Pass the 10-Second Test

    How to Make Your Resume Pass the 10-Second Test

    Ten years ago it was two minutes. Five years ago it was less than 60 seconds. Today, it’s less than 10 seconds ...
  3. (Photo: iStockphoto)

    Self-Reflecting Questions to Help Focus Your Job Search

    I am working with a mid-career client this month who has too many options, a bit of a typical millennial dreamer -- wants to do everything, ...
  4. (Illustration: Mary-Louise Price Foss)

    How to Be Memorable in Your Next Job Interview

    Well, that was fast. Summer is almost over and if you are in the market now for a job, you probably see more job openings ...
  5. Turn Feedback Into Action (Photo: iStockphoto)

    3 Tips for Turning Your Mid-Year Feedback into Action

    As the summer heats up in the city, the pressure to meet all of your start-of-year objectives is probably the last thing on your mind ...
  6. Your LinkedIn Profile Matters

    Does Your LinkedIn Profile Matter?

    YES! LinkedIn is the standard online branding tool in the marketplace. Owing to its immense network-effect advantage where not being on LinkedIn is a disadvantage for job-seekers ...
  7. Illustration by Mary-Louise Price Foss

    Nurturing New Relationships in Your Network

    The longer you live and work in the city, the more your network will evolve. Relationships with former colleagues from jobs you held even five years ago ...
  8. Tips for Networking (Illustration: Mary-Louise Price Foss)

    4 Tips for Networking with Someone for the First Time

    Effective networking is just like dating. Think of it in those terms (minus the romantic component) ...
  9. Dealing with an Unresponsive Hiring Manager (Photo: iStockphoto)

    How to Manage an Unresponsive Hiring Manager

    I hear this bit of feedback more and more from my clients in the job market: employers are simply delinquent in getting back to candidates ...
  10. Reasons to Update Your Resume Today (Illustration: Mary-Louise Price Foss)

    3 Reasons to Update Your Resume Today

    J.P. Morgan in NYC recently announced a round of layoffs expected to come down in the coming months. That could mean ...
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