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Everything you need to know about career building and finding and keeping a job in New York City

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  1. Tips for Networking (Illustration: Mary-Louise Price Foss)

    4 Tips for Networking with Someone for the First Time

    Effective networking is just like dating. Think of it in those terms (minus the romantic component) ...
  2. Dealing with an Unresponsive Hiring Manager (Photo: iStockphoto)

    How to Manage an Unresponsive Hiring Manager

    I hear this bit of feedback more and more from my clients in the job market: employers are simply delinquent in getting back to candidates ...
  3. Reasons to Update Your Resume Today (Illustration: Mary-Louise Price Foss)

    3 Reasons to Update Your Resume Today

    J.P. Morgan in NYC recently announced a round of layoffs expected to come down in the coming months. That could mean ...
  4. Fireworks Mastermind Gary Souza (Photo: Courtesy of Gary Souza)

    Gary Souza: The Explosive Career of a Fireworks Mastermind

    Macy’s hugely popular 4th of July fireworks extravaganza in New York City is a sight to behold in person or on television. ...
  5. Make Your Boss Look Good (Photo: iStockphoto)

    How to Make Your Boss Look Good

    One of the most important lessons that you need to learn and put into practice is making your boss look good ...
  6. Trust by Verify (Photo: iStockphoto)

    Trust but Verify at the Office

    The biggest challenge of managing others is learning how to relinquish control. Most professionals will agree that in order to maximize your own productivity ...
  7. Transferable Skills You Need to Develop

    The 4 Transferable Skills You Need to Develop

    The biggest hurdle to a job switcher in the middle stage of a career is convincing a new employer that she has the requisite skills ...
  8. Informational Interviews are the Key to Networking (Photo: iStockphoto)

    Why Informational Interviews are the Key to Successful Networking

    If you are considering a career switch, the first and most significant obstacle you face is getting your foot through that first new door ...
  9. Is it time for an MBA? (Photo: iStockphoto)

    Is it Time to Consider an MBA?

    Summer is just around the corner and if you are five to ten years into your career, this month is the perfect time ...
  10. Tips for Giving Feedback to Employees (Photo: iStockphoto)

    3 Tips for Giving Better Feedback at Work

    Feedback is a gift. If you want to improve your performance at your place of work, it’s important to understand areas in need of development ...