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Everything you need to know about career building and finding and keeping a job in New York City

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  1. Get Promoted This Year (Photo: iStockphoto)

    Position Yourself to Get Promoted This Year

    If you are content with the job you have but ready to take the next step, this year promises to be very exciting indeed ...
  2. Maximize Your Bonus (Photo: iStockphoto)

    Tips to Maximize Your Bonus

    Most professionals in major industries in Manhattan (and not just in banking or consulting) are eagerly awaiting bonus time ...
  3. DIY Job Lantz Arroyo Post 10

    Radix Media, Part 10: The Way Forward — 6 Survival Tips for New Businesses

    It’s been a long road for Radix Media; moving across the country, upgrading to nicer equipment and feeling like rookies all over again, and re-branding/ re-promoting following the merger between Radix and OccuCopy ...
  4. Radix Media, Part 9: Getting Capital in an Era of Crowdsourcing

    Radix Media, Part 9: Getting Capital in an Era of Crowdsourcing

    Many years ago, it seemed like the only way to get funding for your start-up business was to pour a bunch of personal money into it. This involved saving money from a day job, maxing out a handful of credit cards or having ...
  5. DIY Job Lantz Arroyo Worker Cooperatives (Photo: Jennifer Bundock)

    Radix Media, Part 8: How the Worker Cooperative Model Works

    Do you know someone who hates her job, her boss, or both? Or how about someone who hates every single thing about the place in which he spends 40 hours a week or more? If you’re like most people, not only do you know that person ...
  6. Working and Managing a Young Family (Photo:iStockphoto)

    How to Manage Work while Managing a Young Family

    Managing a young family is no easy task, but juggling the responsibilities of a New York career on top of the increasing duties at home can be downright cruel ...
  7. 3 Steps to Better Presentations (Photo: iStockphoto)

    3 Steps to Better Presentations

    Even the most hardened New York Type-A professional can struggle with what some people fear worse than death: public speaking ...
  8. Why You Should be on LinkedIn

    Not on LinkedIn Yet? What are You Waiting for?

    It happened three times this week. Prospective clients called asking for my opinion on the current resume as they seek the next ...
  9. DIY Job Lantz Arroyo Radix Media (iStockphoto)

    Radix Media: Part 7, Out with the New, In with the Old

    It’s 2014, and it seems like the modern world has every technological convenience: entire computers fit our pockets; the Internet serves as a giant, unlimited worldwide marketplace of things and ideas; banks have apps ...
  10. Radio Silence from Potential Employer (Photo: iStockphoto)

    How to Deal with Radio Silence from a Potential Employer

    I’ve been hearing this bit of feedback from my job-searching clients far more frequently than I thought possible ...