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Punctuality is the First Step to a Promotion

If you live in the city and ever wondered what the secret is to securing a promotion, the closest thing to a magic bullet that I can share with you based on my interactions with Manhattan’s best and brightest is punctuality. Below are three reasons why making sure that you arrive on time to work, to meetings, and to client-related events, among other things is the first step toward reaching your career aspirations.


Punctuality is the First Step to a Promotion (Photo: iStockphoto)


Punctual people are perceived to be more organized
Also, they come off as more trustworthy and, by extension, better performers. Would you prefer to be known as the person who is always late, always in a rush or always the last to arrive in a meeting? The choice is clearly no. Perception is reality. One of the keys to positioning yourself for future success is to ensure that you demonstrate your commitment. Being on time and ready to go is a sign that you are serious, committed and ready to do great work.

Your manager’s faith in you can be derived from your punctuality
In a promotion year, your manager will be your number one advocate for whether or not you get the higher title and earn a salary increase. If you are punctual, your manager will know that she can rely on you; and when she can rely on you, you will have access to better projects and the type of responsibilities that will get you the promotion you want.

Punctuality diminishes the odds that you have a negative reputation within your organization
Once you become branded as the person who is always late, it becomes that much more difficult for others to see you, and your work, in a positive light.

You can’t expect perfection when it comes to punctuality, but you can strive for it. Doing so initiates a wonderful virtuous cycle for your professional brand — you will improve your reputation and maximize the odds that others see the work you produce in the best way possible.

Debra Wheatman is a certified writer and career coach who has guided the professional development of thousands of clients globally. She is reachable at

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