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The 4 Transferable Skills You Need to Develop

The biggest hurdle to a job switcher in the middle stage of a career is convincing a new employer that she has the requisite skills and transferable experience to prove that she can add value from day one. NYC competition will always be extremely fierce, but the recent layoff announcements from two big Wall Street banks will only flood the supply side with more people looking possibly to switch industries. Companies are super-selective and wait to choose the perfect candidate who may have numerous years of experience doing the exact job that the company is seeking to fill. In order to maximize your odds of a company becoming attracted to your profile, even though you might be applying to a completely different role, here are four skills every company needs that you should be building starting now.


Transferable Skills You Need to Develop


Marketing and New Business Development
Companies are always in need of people who can market the strengths of the company to others, leading to new business and revenue opportunities. Developing new business can include finding new clients, customers and partners and if you showcase this skill, you will be able to make a graceful transition to something new.

Team Leadership and Project Execution
Startups, medium-sized businesses and large corporations run on teamwork. Experience forming, directing, and motivating teams is a highly sought after skill. Many people are good to great employees, but few are strong leaders. If you demonstrate effective leadership skills, this trait will work in your favor as part of a transfer.

Strategy Analysis and Recommendation
From the mid-manager to the executive level, comfort in strategy formulation and analysis is an important skill that can be applied to more than one industry. You should emphasize your ability to influence, persuade and negotiate with others to demonstrate you are skilled in presenting and gaining adoption for new ideas.

Sales and Product Management
Companies that can’t sell their products and services are doomed to fail. Great sales professionals always drive revenue and if you enjoy eating what you kill and are motivated by commission-based compensation schemes, you should be able to find a place in several industries. The ability to sell is number one for any business person or entrepreneurially-minded individual.

If you develop the four skills outlined above, you can make yourself very attractive to an employer in more than one industry. For maximum effect and impact, be prepared to back up your information with strong evidence, the more you can quantify your information, the better you will do.

Debra Wheatman is a certified writer and career coach who has guided the professional development of thousands of clients globally. She is reachable at

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