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New York Neighborhoods

New York City’s neighborhoods are the heart and soul of the city, and our comprehensive guides reveal the best of the boroughs

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  1. Pedestrians walk passed a stores on Madison Ave.(Photo: Ron Antonelli/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

    Top 10 Shopping Streets in New York City

    For fashion enthusiasts, shopping is sightseeing. New York City is the glamorous home of sparkling department stores with shoe sections that never seem to end and tiny boutiques with personal service and shelves lined with coveted items. ...
  2. Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist Church sits alongside row houses on Lenox Avenue (Photo: Skyler Reid/CUNY Journalism Photo)

    A Perfect Day in Harlem

    Nearly a century ago, Harlem was known as the epicenter of African-American life. The neighborhood, which is bordered by the Hudson and East rivers in upper Manhattan, ...
  3. Lauren Patterson

    Neighborhood Crush: Flatiron

    For this installment of Neighborhood Crush, I spoke with Lauren Patterson, founder of Little Swappies. Her company arranges children's clothing and toy swaps ...
  4. Lynn Husum (Photo: Courtesy Lynn Husum)

    Neighborhood Crush: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

    Lynn Husum founded popular Brooklyn-based children's line Appaman with husband, Harald, whom she met in the Congo ...
  5. Jane Jacobs in 1963 NYC (Photo: Bob Gomel/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

    Jane’s Walk Offers 100-Plus Free Walking Tours of NYC on May 3, 4

    Jane Jacobs. She's the reason why New York City still has many of its historic buildings, why there isn't a highway running through Greenwich Village, and why city dwellers started talking about the importance of landmark protection ...
  6. LOVE sculpture in Midtown (Photo: Alison Kleinert)

    Why I Have a Crush on Midtown

    "Crush" doesn't come to mind when I first think of Midtown in Manhattan ...
  7. Dynaco (Photo: Clay Williams)

    13 Restaurants, Bars and Shops That Are Ushering in the New Bed-Stuy

    North-central Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, aka Bed-Stuy, has many facets. There is the legacy of its legendary residents, a long list that includes Jay Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Tracey ...
  8. Jena Kingsley (Photo: Alison Kleinert)

    Neighborhood Crush: Upper West Side

    Jena Kingsley was born and raised in New York City and is raising her son on the Upper West Side. She is a diehard Knicks fan and probably the most annoying fan ...
  9. The Brooklyn Kitchen

    8 Classes to Get to Know Your Favorite NYC Neighborhood

    It's never too late to learn a new skill, especially if that education goes hand-in-hand with getting to know more about this great city and its neighborhoods. Indeed, New York offers many unique classes ...
  10. Children's Museum of Art (Photo: Will Ellis)

    8 Best Indoor Play Spaces in New York City for Kids

    When it’s too cold or rainy for the playground, and your 7 A.M. Enfant-bound offspring is getting antsy, it's time to get out of the house and blow off steam at one of New York City's amazing indoor play ...