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New York Moment

Join us on a film journey that explores the unexpected moments that add up to the world’s greatest city

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  1. Matt Wasowski of Nerd Nite

    Geek Out with Nerd Nite Founder Matt Wasowski

    It’s not Revenge of the Nerds. It’s a celebration of the nerds at the wildly popular Nerd Nite, run by "big boss" Matt Wasowski. The lively monthly event features experts in their field giving ...
  2. Ruddy Roye

    See the World through the Lens of ‘Instagram Activist’ Ruddy Roye

    "The painter constructs; the photographer discloses," Susan Sontag once said. In many ways, this is at the heart of the ...
  3. Brooklyn Glass-Painter Ron Nesbitt

    Meet Brooklyn Glass-Painter Ron Nesbitt

    As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Brooklyn-based artist Ronald "R.C." Nesbitt paints on the unique surface of glass. Why? Because, he says, "I ran out of canvas." Nesbitt uses glass ...
  4. New York Moment: Brooklyn Brewery's Garrett Oliver

    Go Behind the Scenes at Brooklyn Brewery with Brew Guru Garrett Oliver

    Lots of great things have come out of Brooklyn: Nathan's Hot Dogs, the egg cream, that accent (fuggedaboutit). But for many, one of the borough's most important ...
  5. Malachy Murray

    Find Out What Makes Funnyman and Tour Guide Malachy Murray Tick

    Soap opera buffs may know him as Officer Maloney on All My Children, but to New York City visitors Malachy Murray is better recognized as a charismatic joke-telling Circle ...
  6. Roberta Flack

    Watch as Roberta Flack Interacts with Central Park Musicians

    Hardly needing an introduction, Roberta Flack is a Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and musician whose oeuvre spans across jazz, soul, R&B and folk music. She and U2 are the only ...
  7. Don Echloes Conway

    Get to Know Don Echoles Conway, who leads the Ray Abrams Big Band

    As the leader of the Ray Abrams Big Band, Don Echoles Conway is carrying on a New York City tradition that is more than five decades old. The band, which was started by Hank Dougherty in the ...
  8. Jordan Roth

    Celebrate the Magic of New York City with Jordan Roth

    The Book of Mormon. Kinky Boots. Jersey Boys. These Broadway shows share more than just blockbuster status. They also share the same visionary theater owner -- Jordan Roth. As president of ...
  9. Tony Robbins

    Why Tony Robbins Gives Thanks in New York City

    For many, the term "inspirational speaker" is synonymous with one man: Tony Robbins. That kind of name recognition is impressive, but for Robbins it's par for the course. After all, Robbins has made it his life's mission ...
  10. Bacon Brothers

    See Why New York is a Special Place for the Bacon Brothers

    Who are the Bacon Brothers? They are the musical duo of actor Kevin Bacon and his brother, Michael Bacon. Since 1995 the brothers have been making and performing music, ranging from children's ...