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Find Out What Makes Funnyman and Tour Guide Malachy Murray Tick

The Circle line guide is also an actor and author of a book on New York

Soap opera buffs may know him as Officer Maloney on All My Children, but to New York City visitors Malachy Murray is better recognized as a charismatic joke-telling Circle Line tour guide. Since 1996 — when he was working as a deck hand on the boat and filled in for a guide who called in sick — he’s been introducing the city to anyone who steps foot on board the popular tour boat.

A New York City native, Murray was born and raised in Queens and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Big Apple that ranges from architecture and culture to linguistics and trivial facts (including how the city got its fruit-related moniker; ask him to explain when you go on his tour). He enjoys giving tours on a regular basis, even though he hears silly questions from time to time, like people who ask where the Staten Island Ferry goes.

These days, Murray lives with his pet macaw, Bartie, in Hell’s Kitchen, where he’s working on Uniquer New York, a sequel to his popular book Unique New York (currently out of print but selling for upwards of $185 on Amazon). Meanwhile, you can still catch him on old episodes of All My Children — and look for him in The Departed, even though we all know Boston can’t hold a candle to New York City.

Our New York Moment series is a film journey that explores the unexpected moments that add up to the world’s greatest city. From the first man to illustrate a New Yorker magazine cover on an iPad to a musician who turns Times Square into his stage every day, see what makes the city tick through the eyes of the fascinating folks who live here. Click to see more.

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