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The Latest From New York

  1. Don Echloes Conway

    Get to Know Don Echoles Conway, who leads the Ray Abrams Big Band

    As the leader of the Ray Abrams Big Band, Don Echoles Conway is carrying on a New York City tradition that is more than five decades old. The band, which was started by Hank Dougherty in the ...
  2. hipwreck! Pirates and Treasure at Discovery Times Square

    Daily 5: 5th Annual Latke Fest, ‘Shipwreck’ in Times Square, More

    Don't miss out! picks the five best things to do in New York City each and every day. Read on for Dec. 2's best events, from the Fifth Annual Fatke Festival at the Metropolitan Pavillion to a Los Lobos ...
  3. Bryan Cranston in 'All the Way' (Photo: Evgenia Eliseeva /American Repertory Theater)

    Bryan Cranston to Star in ‘All the Way’ on Broadway

    Three-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) will star in All the Way, a historical drama about President Lyndon Jonhson ...
  4. Bad Interview Answer (Photo: istockphoto)

    How to Recover from a Bad Interview Answer

    Despite your best efforts, preparation and practice, in a live interview scenario you just might mangle an answer to a seemingly harmless interview question ...
  5. Dean Sheremet

    Dean Sheremet’s New York

    What Do You Love About New York? 1. The city’s best-kept secrets and locals-only spots. Do yourself a favor and make a trip up to 132nd Street in Harlem and visit the American Legion Post 398 ...
  6. The Spider-Man balloon at a past Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade (Photo: Michael Nagle/Getty Images)

    Macy’s Biggest Balloons May Be Grounded at the Parade Due to High Winds

    The floating status of the biggest balloons at the 87th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is up in the air thanks to a report from the National Weather Service of strong winds of at least 23 m.p.h and wind gusts of up to 34 m.p.h. on the big day ...
  7. Santa (Photo: iStockphoto)

    Confessions of a New York Santa

    About this time of year, he’s spotted all over town. It's hard to miss a big jolly fella in a bright red suit. If legend is to be believed, he's from way, way up north. But no matter where he is, everyone seems to ...
  8. A vendor at the Union Square Holiday Market (Photo: Urban Space Management)

    7 Top Holiday Markets in New York City

    Along with New York’s recent artisanal boom, the city’s holiday markets have expanded in number and popularity, and the variety of goods for sale has never been wider. Here are seven markets to ...
  9. MTA Holiday Nostalgia Train

    Daily 5, Bonus Edition: Turkey Day Parade, Lauryn Hill at Bowery, Nostalgia Train, More

    Don't miss out! picks the five best things to do in New York City each and every day, but for this, our long Thanksgiving Day weekend, we've got 10. Read on for the long weekend's (Nov. 27-Dec.1) best events, from the Macy's ...
  10. Writing a Resume Summary Paragraph (Photo: George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images)

    5 Tips for Writing a Resume Summary Paragraph

    I have advised thousands of executives who have come and conquered New York City, so I possess a time-tested approach to constructing a summary career paragraph ...