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5 Best Boozy Frozen Drinks in New York City

Given the pervasiveness of New York’s sophisticated cocktail scene, it can be hard to publicly admit a love for frozen drinks what with their mix of sugar and below-grade alcohol (see: spring break everywhere). But even the snobbiest of the cocktail snobs can’t resist the allures of a strawberry daiquiri or frozen margarita on a hot summer’s day. Thankfully some New York bars are coming to the rescue by taking the frozen drink upscale — making boozy slushies that meet modern mixology standards. Here are five that we love.

Kelvin Slushies

Kelvin Slushies

Green Lightning at Talde
A bright-green crushed ice drink served in a pint glass; what’s not to love? Unaged whiskey can be tough to work into cocktails, but at this Park Slope spot it’s infused with green tea and blended with a green tea simple syrup, cucumber, Thai basil, and lime and then served over crushed ice. The kicker? A super-wide straw, the kind you see with bubble teas, to slurp it all up in one go. 369 Seventh Ave., Brooklyn; 347-916-0031;

Lushies at the Tippler
The best word we’ve heard for boozy frozen slushies? “Lushies.” At the Tippler, a cavernous underground bar in the basement of Chelsea Market, there’s a special Lushie every day — perhaps a Snowgroni (that’d be a frozen Negroni, made with gin, Campari and vermouth) or maybe a vodka-absinthe Screaming Greenie is more your speed. 425 W. 15th St.; 212-206-0000;

Spiked Kelvin Slush at Pork Slope (and others)
The Kelvin Slush hit the streets in 2010 and soon became one of New York’s most sought-after food trucks, with its ice-cold slushies in inventive flavors such as spicy ginger or green and black tea. Of course, you can’t get a boozy slushy on the streets — but you can at Park Slope‘s Pork Slope, now selling booze-spiked Kelvin slushies. First up in the rotation is a white peach Arnold Palmer with an overproof rye whiskey slush. Regular Kelvin and boozy Kelvin is available at other locations across the boroughs, as well; check the website ( for a complete list. 247 5th Ave., Brooklyn; 718-768-7675;

Dark and Stormy Frozie at Battery Harris
“Lushies” gets a nod for the pun, but “frozies” isn’t a terrible term for boozy frozen drinks, either. At Battery Harris, a casual, airy Williamsburg cocktail and beer bar, listed under Frozie on the menu is its Dark and Stormy: a riff on the traditional rum cocktail with Gosling’s Rum, spiced ginger and fresh lime juice. Hard to argue with making a classic summer drink a little more summery. 64 Frost St., Brooklyn, 718-384-8900

Beer Slushies at Uncle Boons
At this new NoLiTa Thai restaurant, your drink of choice should be the beer slushie — a Singha still in its bottle, frozen over ice and salt until it’s icy and slurp-able. Highbrow? Nope. Delicious? Undeniably — and a perfect foil for the heat of the small Thai plates served here. 7 Spring St.; 646-370-6650; 

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