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Chilaquiles at The Little Owl

A brunch dish to remember

Yes, the saucy meatball sliders ($15) at this tiny West Village perch are famous. They’ve received endless press accolades; they’ve won awards; they even have their own Facebook page. But, there are many other charms coming out of chef Joey Campanaro’s kitchen, too.

Chilaquiles Little Owl

Case in point: the chilaquiles ($12), a blockbuster brunch item. The Mexican breakfast dish of crispy tortillas comes drowned in red chile sauce  and sprinkled with fresh cotija cheese and is accompanied by avocado and two perfectly fried eggs. Mix and match the flavors for a crunchy, piquant morning eye-opener. It’s especially comforting when combined with a side of cheddar grits ($6).

Though it is one of the West Village’s most diminutive restaurants, The Little Owl is one of the neighborhood’s most popular since its opening in 2006. If the exterior looks familiar, it’s because it served as the location shot for Friends coffee house, Central Perk. So those tourists standing on the corner, snapping photos? They’re hoping for a Joey sighting, either Tribbiani or Campanaro. Or maybe they want to document the house of the storied meatball slider. Locals know that there’s much more to this little bistro beyond its celebrity sheen.

Little Owl
90 Bedford St.

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