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Chocolate Budino at Barbuto

How to say chocolaty comfort -- or pudding --in Italian

Chef Jonathan Waxman‘s roast chicken has achieved legendary status. So much so that if he were to take it off the menu at Barbuto, his West Village restaurant, angry neighborhooders might take to the streets with their pitchforks. So, while the pastas might change in season, and the fish — and its preparations — will vary, the signature JW roast chicken is steadfast. Hiding under the chicken on the menu however, is another item that Barbuto has offered since the beginning, and it deserves just as much exaltation: the chocolate budino, ($9).

Chocolate Budino Barbuto

The chocolate budino at Barbuto

In his popular cookbook, Italian My Way, Waxman says, “I think that sometimes people eat at Barbuto solely for the budino: we serve literally thousands a year,” which means that it’s always on hand when you feel the craving for creamy, intense, just-this-side-of-sticky dessert.

It’s served in a coffee cup and topped with freshly made whipped cream, and its biscotti garnish is best used as a spoon for scooping. The signature blend of milk and bittersweet chocolates, and a preponderance of egg yolks, is the hallmark of its taste and texture.

Opened in 2004, Barbuto signaled the much-anticipated return of one of NYC’s most celebrated chefs. Credited with bringing the pleasures of “California cuisine,” east in the 80s, Waxman was also recognized as a worthy competitor, and mentor, on Top Chef Masters, and nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef New York City in 2013. The best proof of his culinary prowess, however, is primarily in his pudding.

775 Washington St.



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