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Green Tea Ice Cream Sandwich at Jewel Bako

A taste of sweet freedom

A bit of trivia: Did you know that Japan claims to be the oldest independent country in the world? Keep that in mind while indulging in a classic American summer dessert, with a Japanese spin, at Jewel Bako this holiday weekend.

Green Tea Ice Cream Sandwiches at Jewel Bako (Photo: Courtesy of Jewel Bako)

Green Tea Ice Cream Sandwiches at Jewel Bako (Photo: Courtesy of Jewel Bako)

Ice cream sandwiches are a staple of Fourth of July picnics across the nation; so enjoying Jewel Bako’s green tea ice cream sandwich ($7) is like celebrating the sovereignty of two nations in one. Their version combines soothing, Lady Liberty-colored ice cream between two chocolate cookies, garnished with a buttery Marcona almond brittle and a smear of fudgy chocolate sauce. It’s a sugary, salty, satisfying treat that’s perfect for any sweltering summer day.

Sushi is the usual attraction at the Michelin-starred Jewel Bako, which opened in the East Village in 2001. Though its name means “jewel box,” the interior actually resembles a bamboo cavern. The trappings are transportingly exotic, as are many of the fish offerings. Their stand-out dessert, however, not only brings diners back to American soil, but puts them in very good humor as well.

Jewel Bako
239 E. Fifth St.

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