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A fresh look for a fresh-obsessed chef

Hearts of Palm Salad at Telepan

The giant photos — a radish, a bundle of asparagus, tomatoes on the vine, carrots of many colors — decorating the walls at Telepan give away what diners should be ordering from chef Bill Telepan’s kitchen in the Upper West Side.


Hearts of palm salad at Telepan

Hearts of palm salad at Telepan (Photo: Courtesy of Telepan)

The chef is known for his skills at sussing out the best that farmers have to offer, and that’s exactly why his hearts of palm salad ($17) sings. In the mélange, artichoke is cooked until tender then chilled and tossed with lemon juice, parsley and oil; black beans are marinated with lemon, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, scallion and parsley; and hearts of palm are fried until crispy. A vinaigrette of lemon oil, vegetable stock, fresh lemon and egg yolk brings all of the elements together, while a pesto of black olives, anchovy, garlic, parsley, capers, extra virgin olive oil and micro arugula brings a sharp and bright undertone to the mix. This salad is brand-new, and a great lead-in to Telepan’s classics, such as spaghetti with lobster Bolognese ($32).

Just after Telepan renovated and reopened in September 2013, the restaurant received its first Michelin star. Perhaps the same fate will follow with the upcoming Tribeca offshoot, Telepan Local, which will feature the same design firm and, of course, the same skilled chef.

72 W. 69th St.

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