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Lesso Misto at Hearth

A reason to hang onto the season

If we had to invent a reason to keep winter around, then Marco Canora’s lesso misto, a hearty assortment of meat ($32) would be it. Short rib, cotechino (pork sausage), veal tongue and chicken thigh are boiled (lesso) until tender, and served with carrots, celery and potato. A tray of condiments makes the dish fun to mix (misto). For a mild, herbal touch, add a dab of salsa verde. Feeling fruity? Then the mostarda is a must. Horseradish cream gives it zip. We’re sick of winter, too, but if the season insists on drawing out, then at least this dish makes for a substantial farewell.


Lesso Misto

Lesso Misto at Hearth

The East Village restaurant turned 10 in the fall. A true pioneer in the neighborhood a decade ago, its excellence was instantly recognized with a nomination for Best New Restaurant by the James Beard Foundation. Now a decade older, it has landed on the semifinalist list for the James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Restaurant in the nation. We think that any restaurant that will make us miss this winter certainly deserves an award.

403 E. 12th St.

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