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New Year, New Body: 5 NYC Juice Cleanses to Know

Two things are inevitable on New Year’s Day: a pounding hangover, and the fervent desire to Improve Yourself this year. (At least for a week or so.) For those looking to go all the way, New York offers all sorts of juice cleanses to allegedly right your dietary wrongs — or at least lose three pounds before you go back to your food- and drink-loving lifestyle. If you’re looking to dive into the juicing world, here are the five best juice cleanses to know in New York City.


BluePrint Cleanse

(Photo: BluePrint Cleanse)

BluePrint Cleanse
Easily the best-known New York cleanse — you’ve probably spotted their delivery trucks in Manhattan — BluePrint offers three “levels” of cleanses, from the least intense to the most: the Renovation, with two green juices plus a pineapple-mint, a carrot-beet, a spicy lemonade, and a cashew milk; the Foundation, which swaps in another green juice; and the Excavation, which swaps in a fourth. Not ready for the full commitment of a three- or five-day cleanse? Pick the juices up a la carte at Whole Foods or elsewhere around the city.

Juice Press
With locations all over New York (plus one and another to come in the Hamptons) Juice Press is a great place to grab a single juice or commit to a full cleanse. And you’ve got plenty of options: The basic six-per-day, all fruit- and vegetable-based; the eight-per-day cleanse, dubbed the Juice Feast; the Winter Solstice, featuring a turmeric-tonic Remedy and the Ginger Fireball; or a number of juice and raw food combos.

Organic Avenue
OA is another shop you’ll see around New York City, with dozens of juice offerings in charming short bottles, including seasonal juices, and five different cleanses to choose from — whether you start with the Love Easy, which includes raw foods alongside the juices, or the hard-core Go Green, all green juices, all the time.

Cooler Cleanse
Co-founded by Salma Hayek, Cooler Cleanse delivers your juices in a super-convenient soft-sided cooler — if you’ve ever done a cleanse, you know what a pain lugging them around (and keeping them cold enough to be palatable) can be. There are multiple options, but all include daily-changing juices to keep things interesting, so you can look forward to different green juices and nut milks at the end of the day.

Before we were all talking about juice cleanses — or even smoothies — Liquiteria opened up in the East Village in 1996, an early proponent of the fresh juice lifestyle. These days, they’ve got two locations (and another soon to come at Union Square) and fresh juices as well as four cleanse-friendly packages, whether you do the Cleanse, Eat, Repeat with a dinner of your own choice at the end of the day, or the green-juice heavy Deep Dive and Heal.

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