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NYC Cooking Classes: Learn to Cook One Dish at a Time

It’s no secret that NYC is a hub for culinary excellence, with plenty of intensive schools and classes that promise to turn a fledgling chef into a full-blown Mario Batali, but what if your desires are more modest and you want to learn how to make just one thing. We searched New York City to find culinary classes where you can learn the art of one specific dish. Whether it’s learning how to brew kombucha or the science behind pickling, it’s all here.


Culinary Classes

Sharpen your skills (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Kombucha Brooklyn
If you’ve ever wondered what exactly goes into the making of this trendy new effervescent tea, the best place to start is Kombucha Brooklyn. You may have seen them on tap at eateries around the city or serving up samples at the Brooklyn Flea, schooling the masses on the benefits of probiotic tea. In their classes they’ll walk you through the step-by step process for brewing and bottling your own at-home concoctions and will send you home with a growler of your own. Classes start at $40 for a two-hour class. 630 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn; 917-261-3010;

Mia Chef Gelateria
During a class at the “Mia Academy,” you will receive gelato-making instruction, a lesson in gelato-making history as well as tips and tricks for distinguishing fresh, well-made gelato from cheap gelato. Take-home class goodies include one pint for each of the four flavors created in class. Mia also offers awesome availability with classes held twice a day, Sunday-Friday, so it’s usually pretty easy to reserve a class just a day or two in advance. Classes start at $120 for a two-hour class. 379 3rd Ave.; 212-889-8727;

Fabipops Boutique
For a creative, kid-friendly culinary class endeavor check out the Fabipops Boutique. This Brooklyn bakery hosts inexpensive cake pop decorating classes three times a week. The two-hour classes contain instruction on how to create cake pop characters such as Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty. You can sign up for their newsletter on their website to receive emails about upcoming registration for themed classes. Classes start at $75 for a two-hour class. 60 4th Ave., Brooklyn; 347-480-7677;

Murray’s Cheese
Murray’s Cheese in the West Village offers an array of classes to school you on how to make, buy and pair cheeses almost every day of the week. For a more hands-on course try “Mozzarella Making,” where Murray’s cheese experts will show you how to create a variety of pulled curd cheeses as well as provide instruction on the science behind mozzarella-making. Classes include a wine pairing and discounts on in-store purchases. Classes start at $100 for a 90-minute class. 254 Bleecker St.; 212-243-3289, ext. 42;

The Brooklyn Kitchen
The Brooklyn Kitchen offers a variety of classes from sushi making to bagel boiling. However, if you’re really looking for a culinary challenge, try out one of their many pickling courses. In this class Rick Field of Rick’s Picks will teach you how to pickle just about any vegetable your heart desires. Sign up and learn the basics of pickling, enjoy a cold one from the Brooklyn Brewery and leave with your very own jar of homemade pickles. Classes start at $60 for a two-hour class. 100 Frost Street, Brooklyn; 718-389-2982;

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