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  1. Ho’ Cake at Mokbar (Photo: Mokbar)

    Ho’ Cake at Mokbar

    Mention a “ho cake” and the American South comes to mind. Down below the Mason Dixon line, they are sturdy pancakes made from cornbread. But to chef Esther Choi at Chelsea Market’s Mokbar, “ho cakes” are shorthand for hotteok, ...
  2. Tacos at Empellon al Pastor (Photo: Daniel Krieger)

    10 Quick, Quality Restaurants in NYC

    There are times when you can devote a whole evening to dinner, or a entire lazy afternoon to lunch -- lingering over each course, uncorking a bottle of wine (or three), paying no attention to the clock. ...
  3. Reuben at Katz's Deli

    5 Places to Get Amazing Corned Beef Sandwiches in NYC

    Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day and New York City like corned beef, and there's no better way to eat corned beef than on a sandwich. So in honor of two great tastes that go great together, here are five top ...
  4. Vic's patio (Photo: Vic's)

    5 Top New NYC Outdoor Dining Spots for Spring

    In case you have been living under a frozen pile of snow and haven’t noticed, the days are now longer and the mercury is going up. Makes you want to linger over a meal, al fresco, doesn’t it? ...
  5. Harajuku Gimlet at Cafe Clover (Photo: Cafe Clover)

    Raise a Glass: Harajuku Gimlet at Cafe Clover

    Yes, there are chia seed-strewn wedges of lettuce and organic Scottish salmon on the menu at Cafe Clover, but don’t let the health-conscious cuisine at this glossy, white-walled charmer deter you from ordering a drink. ...
  6. Irish soda bread (Photo: Paul Joseph via Flickr/CC)

    5 Best Spots for Irish Soda Bread in New York City

    For a taste of St. Patrick’s Day (without the Guinness or corned beef and cabbage), tuck into a loaf of Irish soda bread. Plain, toasted or smeared in rich Irish butter, this dense bread is a favorite at New York’s best bakeries. This traditional bread ...
  7. Fried Cauliflower at Little Park (Photo: Little Park)

    Fried Cauliflower at Little Park

    Maybe this is simply wishful thinking, but, it’s likely time to bid farewell to winter vegetables. One that we’ll be especially sad to see go: cauliflower, especially at Andrew Carmellini’s new Little Park ($14). A rainbow of florets arrive on the plate ...
  8. Forge's Famous Banana Jameson, The Dead Rabbit's The Shoemaker (Photos: Evan Sung, Ayla Christman/Courtesy of The Dead Rabbit)

    5 Awesome Irish Whiskey Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day

    Loaves of currant-studded Irish soda bread and viewings of the 1959 classic Darby O’Gill and the Little People are far more satisfying ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than getting sloshed on green beer in a bro-filled sports bar. ...
  9. Pampano dining room (Photo: Pampano)

    8 Best Mexican Restaurants in NYC

    New York City used to be sorely lacking in quality Mexican cuisine. That’s no longer the case. NYC now rivals its West Coast counterparts with its terrific Mexican comida, ...
  10. Dead Rabbit country pate

    Best Pub Grub in NYC for St. Patrick’s Day

    St. Patrick’s Day is afoot and everyone has pubs on the brain. Thing is, while there’s no shortage of bars that freely pour whiskey and Guinness, there’s a dearth of good, authentic Irish food around town. ...