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  1. 6-the-mark-hot-dog-cart_200

    10 Best Street Food in New York City

    New York City's street food is as much an enduring icon as landmarks, such as the Empire State Building or Central Park. ...
  2. Scallop Crème Brûlée at Graffiti Earth (Photo: Courtney Apple Photography)

    Scallop Brulee at Graffiti Earth

    There have been many efforts by chefs and restaurants lately to reduce food waste, from whole animal nose-to-tail cooking to stem-to-root use of vegetables. ...
  3. best-breakfast-balthazar_2001

    10 Mouthwatering Breakfasts in NYC

    If it is the "most important meal of the day," why don't more restaurants serve breakfast? They certainly are quick to embrace brunch -- you can’t swing a skillet in New York City without finding a place that serves weekend brunch. ...
  4. (Photo: Liz Clayman/ Courtesy of Hester Street Fair)

    8 Tasteful Summer Food Festivals in NYC

    New York City chefs turn up the heat this summer with the return of the most popular food festivals, headlining new food vendors and new events for summer 2016. ...
  5. Sisters (Photo: Courtesy of Sisters)

    The 11 Most Beautiful Bars in New York City

    Beautiful mirages may indeed appear at the bottom of a bar glass, but in New York, it's no illusion. ...
  6. Hot Chicken at Carla Hall Southern Kitchen (Photo: Dillon Burke)

    Hot Chicken at Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen

    The city has been aflutter with fried chicken for the last couple of years, but here comes one with a touch of Tennessee. ...
  7. T-Bone Steak at Lincoln Square Steak (Photo: Lincoln Square Steak)

    10 Finest Restaurants for Meat-Lovers in NYC

    The farmers’ markets are beginning to brim with produce as the warmer weather sets in, and it’s always nice to celebrate the season by eating green. But just as some can’t live by bread (and greens) alone, ...
  8. henrietta-hudson_200

    5 Fabulous NYC Gay Bars for Pride Week 2016

    During the last week of June, New York is home to lots of vibrant and exciting Pride events. The city that never sleeps, however, is also famed for its wide selection of gay and lesbian bars all year long. ...
  9. 6-washington-square-park_200

    10 Places for the Perfect Picnic in New York City

    Who says you can’t picnic in the concrete jungle?  Throughout the five boroughs, there are green spaces for every type of picnic ...
  10. Black Coconut Ash at Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream (Photo: Alan Gastelum/ Courtesy of Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream)

    The 8 Most Unique Ice Cream Flavors in NYC

    There's no better way to cool off during New York's hot summer than with a refreshing scoop (or five) of ice cream. But, why settle for humdrum chocolate and vanilla, ...