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  1. Katz’s Delicatessen at night (Photo: Fernando Mafra/Flickr CC)

    The Best 24-Hour Eateries in New York City

    Hungry? In New York, you're never far from 24-hour eats. Not only are there 24-hour restaurants across all boroughs, but they cut across all manner of cuisines. ...
  2. Truffle fries at Dead Rabbit Grocery.

    Truffled Chips at the Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog

    If NYC's watering holes seem eerily empty this week, that's because today marks the kickoff of the world's biggest barfly convention: Tales of the Cocktail, happening now ...
  3. standard-biergarten_200

    5 Best Beer Gardens for Summer 2016

    If it doesn't have a chestnut tree, then it's not a beer garden, or so they say. Traditional beer gardens consist of picnic tables, great outdoors, savory delicious German fare and beer. Lots of good beer. ...
  4. (Photo: Courtesy of Indian Accent)

    Kolhapuri Chicken at Indian Accent

    New York City is experiencing a renaissance of sorts when it comes to Indian cuisine. Within the last year, we've seen some innovative dishes come out of ...
  5. Tarte Flambée Gravlax at Gabriel Kreuther (Photo: Paul Wagtouicz)

    Tarte Flambée at Gabriel Kreuther

    More refined than a pizza, more elegant than the humble flatbread -- the tarte flambée is an Alsatian art form. In the hands of chef Gabriel Kreuther, ...
  6. 6-le-coucou_200

    Top 10 New and Notable Restaurants: June 2016

    A busy May precipitated a somewhat quiet June, with city restaurants slipping into spaces without a whole lot of hype. That’s a smart move for restaurateurs, who take advantage of the business’ most peaceful time ...
  7. Tempura Matsui (Photo: Tempura Matsui)

    10 Fantastic Japanese Restaurants in NYC

    Though sushi is what immediately comes to mind when thinking of Japanese restaurants, here’s a newsflash: sushi is just one of about three dozen cuisines in Japan. In New York City, one can ...
  8. 6-the-mark-hot-dog-cart_200

    10 Best Street Food in New York City

    New York City's street food is as much an enduring icon as landmarks, such as the Empire State Building or Central Park. ...
  9. Scallop Crème Brûlée at Graffiti Earth (Photo: Courtney Apple Photography)

    Scallop Brulee at Graffiti Earth

    There have been many efforts by chefs and restaurants lately to reduce food waste, from whole animal nose-to-tail cooking to stem-to-root use of vegetables. ...
  10. best-breakfast-balthazar_2001

    10 Mouthwatering Breakfasts in NYC

    If it is the "most important meal of the day," why don't more restaurants serve breakfast? They certainly are quick to embrace brunch -- you can’t swing a skillet in New York City without finding a place that serves weekend brunch. ...