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  1. The Muruku Meat Donut at Pasar Malam (Photo: Pasar Malam)

    5 Fabulous New Fall Menus in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

    Williamsburg chefs are rewriting the tenants of autumnal cuisine with inventive new menus  ...
  2. Salted Caramel Apple Pie at Four & Twenty Blackbirds (Photo: Four & Twenty Blackbirds)

    5 Delicious Pies for Thanksgiving in NYC

    What's Thanksgiving without a pie -- or 5? ...
  3. Einkorn Gramigna at Le Pecora Bianca

    Gramigna at La Pecora Bianca

    One great thing about living in a city with an overabundance of Italian restaurants is that there is a near endless supply of pasta shapes to explore. In New York City, a diner can become particularly fluent in ...
  4. Betony delicious Thanksgiving pies (Photo: Courtesy of Betony)

    10 Best Places in NYC for a Traditional Thanksgiving Meal

    It's time to start salivating over the idea of Thanksgiving and all the tasty foods surrounding this all-American November holiday. Don't feel like making your own epic meal? Not to worry! NYC is ripe with options for feasting. ...
  5. Bon Chovie’s famous anchovies (Photo: Bon Chovie)

    Top 10 New and Noteworthy Restaurants: October 2015

    October is known as the calm before the storm in the restaurant season. There may not seem to be as many openings as September; and it may seem easier to grab a table at a new hotspot… but just wait. ...
  6. (Photo: Courtesy of The Little Owl)

    Italian Wedding Soup at The Little Owl

    It’s eerie. Many would even swear it: chef Joey Campanaro is the reincarnation of their Italian grandmother. I suspected it first when I had his famous meatballs, though Grandma would have never thought ...
  7. A colorful dish from The Little Beet Table (Photo: The Little Beet Table)

    10 Deliciously Healthy Dining Choices in NYC

    At times, New York City can seem like one giant buffet since there’s a host of food from every ethnicity, at all levels of sophistication, at any hour of the day or night. ...
  8. BBQ Pulled Pork Chicken Sandwich at Fort Gansevoort (Photo: Fort Gansevoort)

    Pulled Pork and Chicken Sandwiches at Fort Gansevoort BBQ

    Some consider barbecue an art form. Gallery owner Adam Shopkorn does; that’s why he installed a 108-foot smoker in the backyard of his new Meatpacking ...
  9. Shuko Bowl (Photo: Shuko NYC)

    Top 10 Sushi Restaurants in NYC

    The Japanese have been eating sushi for millennia. And what started as “street food” soon became a treasured form of cuisine at home, and abroad. The first sushi restaurant in New York City opened in 1963 -- it was Nippon, ...
  10. Empire Diner (Photo: Daniel Krieger)

    8 Best Vintage Diners in New York City

    Remember when you could order a stack of flapjacks for less than a buck from a waitress in a beehive hairdo? Even if the memory of the "good old days" comes more from watching reruns of Alice than personal experience, ...