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  1. Give Peas a Chance at the Clocktower (Photo: Clocktower)

    Raise a Glass: Give Peas a Chance Cocktail at the Clocktower

    Before the feast of fish and chips commences and the rounds of billiards begin, settle into the Clocktower’s clubby, photograph-strewn bar with a tasty aperitif. ...
  2. Shorty downstairs from Jacques (Photo: Shorty)

    8 Sexiest New Cocktail Lounges in 2015

    New York swells with both historic, beer-dispensing watering holes and bustling restaurants turning out immaculate cocktails. But sometimes it’s a sexy, low-lit lounge where you crave to while away the evening. ...
  3. Albondigas at El Colmado Butchery (Photo: Hernan F. Rodriguez)

    Albondigas at El Colmado Butchery

    Al-BON-di-gas! -- Spanish for meatballs -- is the sort of word that’s always said with an exclamation point. Derived from Arabic, meaning “small round object,” chef Seamus Mullen’s version ($14) at Meatpacking’s El ...
  4. 3 Celebrity Chefs’ Restaurants to Try for NYC Restaurant Week

    3 Celebrity Chef Restaurants to Try for NYC Restaurant Week 2015

    It’s that time again: NYC’s summer 2015 Restaurant Week kicks off on July 20 (through Aug. 14), ...
  5. The raw bar and dining room at Aquagrill (Photo: Aquagrill)

    Top 10 Seafood Restaurants in NYC

    New York City is the country’s culinary king -- and this is particularly evident in its superb array of premiere seafood restaurants. Manhattan is an island, after all. ...
  6. Chicken sandwich at Fuku (Photo: Gabriele Stabile)

    Top 10 New and Noteworthy Restaurants: June 2015

    From a restaurateur’s point of view, June is one of the best months to open. It allows staff to get their sea legs and chefs to hit their stride during a slight summer lull before the rush of fall and holiday season set in. ...
  7. Pescado Tatemado at Colonia Verde (Photo: Phoebe Bradford, YC Media)

    Pescado Tatemado at Colonia Verde

    Open only a little over a year, Fort Greene’s favorite Latin destination, Colonia Verde, was on fire. Figuratively and literally. Figuratively because of the instant following it cultivated, plus a James Beard Award nomination for the restaurant’s ...
  8. Burlesque at Duane Park (Photo: Duane Park)

    10 Fabulous Dinner Shows in NYC

    New York City has no lack of splashy restaurants, but some take it up a few notches by throwing in live entertainment like music, a magic show, and even a drag queen -- or ten.  ...
  9. Café Boulud (Photo: B. Milne)

    3 Great Restaurants Near the Metropolitan Museum of Art

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art delivers a feast for the eyes, but not so much for the stomach. ...
  10. Soy Barley Croquettes at Public (Photo: Public)

    Soy Barley Croquettes at Public

    You’re likely familiar with “nose to tail” dining. And nearly every restaurant claims to be “farm to table” these days. Now, NoLita’s Public formally introduces “dirt to fork” dining, via a 5-course special menu ($65). It’s a decadent, ...
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