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  1. Pickles with CSA onion and cucumber (Photo: Linnea Covington)

    Take This Class: Pickling with McClure’s at Brooklyn Kitchen

    The start of spring means that soon we will be inundated with fresh fruits and vegetables -- and that’s a good thing, especially if you know how to pickle. After all, pickling isn’t something you just do to cucumbers, and you don’t have ...
  2. Nitecap (Photo: Nitecap NYC)

    Now Open: Nitecap

    New York's newest destination bar is a little underground joint on the Lower East Side -- brought to you by three NYC cocktail heavyweights, officially open to the public today ...
  3. Brooklyn Bagel (Photo: Courtesy of Brooklyn Bagel)

    Cheap Eats NYC: $5 Lunch in Chelsea

    Not quite as restaurant-dense as the Village, not as street cart-dense as Midtown, Chelsea lies somewhere in the middle -- but there are plenty of affordable eats if you know where to look. Here are five great lunch options for $5 or less ...
  4. Le Cirque interior (Photo: Courtesy of Le Cirque)

    Secrets of Le Cirque

    Opened in 1974 as a French restaurant by the Italian Sirio Maccioni, Le Cirque soon developed into the food circus that everyone, from royalty to politicians to the hottest screen actors, ran to. It established Maccioni as New York City's ultimate host ...
  5. Quail, blackberries, bread sauce and roasted onions at The Musket Room (Photo: Courtesy of The Musket Room)

    Musket Room’s Matt Lambert on the Art of Plating

    March is a big month for art in New York City, with the launch of the Whitney Biennial, the recent Armory Show, Artexpo, and so much more. All this art on the walls has us thinking about art on the plate, which happens in restaurants across New York City ...
  6. Arepas at The Wine Spot

    Arepas at The Wine Spot

    As the name suggests, you can find some great vintages at this charming bar/eatery in the heart of Greenwich Village. But there are a few other stealth reasons to hit the Wine Spot, too. One is for arepas ($10), as authentic as they get ...
  7. Red Farm dumplings getting cute (Photo: Courtesy of Red Farm)

    Splurge or Steal? 4 To-Die-For Dumplings to Munch in New York City

    Few food items swing so dramatically in cost as the humble dumpling. In New York City, you can get four for $1 in Chinatown, or wait an hour for a table to pay $19 for a lobster stuffed version in the West Village ...
  8. Eat Pie on Pi Day: 8 of New York's Best

    Eat Pie on Pi Day: 8 of New York’s Best

    Math nerds and dessert fans, unite: Pi Day is here. Every March 14 -- that's 3.14, the first digits of pi -- celebrates that transcendent constant with a natural partner: warm, flaky pie. They share a name, of course; and pie's circular ...
  9. Sweetwater Social (Photo: Courtesy of Sweetwater Social)

    Now Open: Sweetwater Social

    What do you get when two seasoned cocktail bartenders take over a prime NoHo location to create a spot that's all about having a good time? Something like Sweetwater Social,  which opened on Wednesday in the former Vault at Pfaff's ...
  10. The Roof (Photo: Noah Fecks)

    Now Open: The Roof

    Spring -- it's so close, you can almost taste it. And when outdoor terrace weather finally hits, any day now, there's a new place to visit: The Roof, atop the Viceroy New York. ...