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  1. Risotta Bianco at The Little Owl (Photo: Courtesy of The Little Owl)

    White Truffles 101: What They Are, Where To Eat ‘Em

    For a certain set of culinarily-minded folk, it's the most wonderful time of the year: white truffle season. The coveted truffles are just now coming in from Italy, and you'll find them at select restaurants all over the city -- though at a stiff price. ...
  2. Cut marrow

    Bone Marrow at American Cut

    At his new steakhouse in chichi TriBeCa, American Cut, Marc Forgione comes across as a young chef with an old soul, with several of his dishes paying homage to some of the truly great cooks and restaurants that preceded him. ...
  3. When Harry Met Sally

    5 NYC Restaurants Made Famous By Movies

    New York has long been a central location for movie production: its parks, streets and bridges made famous in film. And its restaurants are no exception. A number of pivotal movie moments have taken place in New York cafes ...
  4. Marcus Samuelsson at Red Rooster (Photo: Courtesy of Marcus Samuelsson)

    A Day in the Life of Marcus Samuelsson

    "I love Harlem, it's a very vibrant community," says chef Marcus Samuelsson of his chosen live-and-work neighborhood. Samuelsson is a big part of the Uptown scene: He shares an apartment there with ...
  5. Food Film Festival (Photo: Courtesy of The Food Film Festival)

    New York Food Film Fest: Get Your Tickets Now

    The 51st annual New York Film Festival is now underway at the Lincoln Center, bringing together acclaimed movies from near and far. The food-lovers among us have a different event to look forward to: the New York Food Film Fest, ...
  6. Juni quail (Photo: Courtesy of Juni)

    Quail at Juni

    There are chefs, and then there are culinary artists. Michelin-starred Shaun Hergatt is definitely the latter and Juni in Murray Hill is his atelier. Just one example of his use of a dish as a palette for the palate is his quail "black spice earth tones," ($40), ...
  7. American Cut (Photo: American Cut)

    Top 10 New and Noteworthy New York City Restaurants: September 2013

    Fall always means a rush of new spots, and this month we saw another new opening from an on-fire Iron Chef, a Meatpacking Mexican destined to become the next late-night hot spot, and a foray into the food business from one of the country's most successful CEOs ...
  8. Boqueria gin and tonic (Photo: Linnea Covington)

    Gin and Tonics Take Manhattan, but With a Twist

    Forget the gin and tonic your grandmother drinks, New York bartenders are finding classy ways to spruce up this British cocktail, from using homemade tonic to fresh fruit to artisanal spirits. It’s about time too, given that the original cocktail came about ...
  9. Recette pasta (Photo: Melissa Hom)

    Best Fall Pastas at NYC Restaurants, Plus a Recipe to Try at Home

    The time for summer salads is gone. As farmers markets fill up with gourds and apple and temperatures creep ever downward, New York City chefs are once again dreaming of stick-to-your-ribs fare, from braised meats to pastas ...
  10. Malt n Mash Foie Gras

    Foie Gras at Malt n Mash

    It seems like a shame that Malt n Mash, the intimate Meatpacking District global gastropub is merely a placeholder -- a pop-up with a small plates menu only intended to last until the year's end. The shames lies in the fact that chef Nahid ...