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  1. Shack burger (Photo: Evan Sung

    Splurge or Steal? 4 Amazing Burgers in NYC

    New Yorkers love to have foodie fights about where to go and what to eat in the city, but few topics spark a discussion so tempestuous as the perfect burger. Opinions differ on bun type, quantity of toppings and meat temperature -- but all agree that the quintessential juicy burger ...
  2. Roasted beet gnudi at Quality Italian

    Roasted Beet Gnudi at Quality Italian

    The chill still emanating from the earth will assure a beet season well into spring. Fine with us, and fine with Scott Tacinelli, Quality Italian's executive chef. It just makes one of his signature dishes, roasted beet ...
  3. Strictly Roots at General Assembly (Photo: Atsushi Tomioka)

    Raise a Glass: Strictly Roots Cocktail at General Assembly

    A circa-1970s reggae song,  "Uptown Top Ranking," by the duo Althea & Donna (play below), captivated Bryan Schneider, head barman at the new Euro-inspired restaurant, General Assembly. ...
  4. Gluten-free shojin ramen at Ippudo (Photo: Courtesy of Ippudo)

    5 Gluten-Free Pastas in NYC To Try Right Now

    At this point, it’s clear that the gluten-free craze isn’t going away. Whether you have allergies or just want to avoid gluten, nowadays you can get delicious meals that are completely gluten-free at top restaurants in New York City. ...
  5. South Brooklyn pizza slice (Photo: Jason Lam/Me So Hungry/Flickr CC)

    Splurge or Steal? 4 Palate-Perfect Pizza Slices in NYC

    When you’re tired and hungry in New York City, there’s always pizza. The classic slice is an ultimate source of comfort in NYC -- satisfying, affordable, and often ready faster than a bartender can mix a cocktail. ...
  6. pbj200

    April 2 is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day: Where to Celebrate in NYC

    Two great tastes that have gone great together forever ... or at least since childhood. ...
  7. Cupcake ATM (Photo: Courtesy of Sprinkles Cupcakes)

    Now Open: Sprinkles’ Cupcake Bakery and ATM

    The Story: In 2002, California-based Candace Nelson, former investment banker turned pastry chef, decided to shift her focus from baking cakes to making cupcakes. In 2005, Nelson and her husband Charles ...
  8. Monkey bread French toast at Bo's Kitchen (Photo: Courtesy of Bo's Kitchen)

    9 Hoppin’ Easter Brunches in New York City

    Save the chocolate eggs and jelly beans for later in the day. On April 20, 2014, get yourself out of bed, don your Sunday finest and enjoy one of the best things about Easter in NYC -- brunch. Whether you're ...
  9. Profiteroles at Triomphe (Photo: Courtesy of Triomphe)

    Profiteroles at Triomphe

    In a dining era where dessert can mean gimmicky hybrids, bizarre ice cream flavors and crumbly deconstructions of vaguely familiar sweets, it’s nice to settle into a classic from time to time; enter the simple pleasure of the cream puff ...
  10. Knish at Sarge's Deli (Photo: Courtesy of Sarge's Deli)

    Cheap Eats NYC: $5 Lunch in Murray Hill

    Murray Hill isn't exactly known for having the best restaurants in the city. But this neighborhood, right up against office-dense stretches in the East 20s and 30s, has a number of cheap eats spots to know. ...