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  1. Oxtail Cigars at Taboon

    Oxtail Cigars at Taboon

    Special occasions call for cigars all around. And fans of Efi Nahon, the founding chef of the popular Hell’s Kitchen restaurant Taboon, are celebrating his return with the oxtail variety -- a duo of crispy phyllo cylinders that are one of Nahon’s signature dishes. ...
  2. Lobster Paccheri at Rafele (Photo: Rafele)

    Lobster Paccheri at Rafele

    Missed out on summering in Italy this year? At least you can experience the flavors of a sunny holiday in Campania at the West Village restaurant Rafele. One dish in particular embodies the season, and region, in every bite: paccheri ...
  3. Lolo's Seafood Shack (Photo: Lolo's)

    8 NYC Restaurants with Secret Gardens

    Not every diner wants to be part of the “see-and-be-seen” scene. For those who enjoy a little tranquility with their meal, there’s nothing like hiding out in NYC’s “secret” restaurant gardens -- those quiet, al fresco patches tucked into courtyards, ...
  4. Sweet treat at Ample Hills Creamery (Photo: Stuart_Spivak/Flickr CC)

    3 Awesome NYC Ice Cream Shops for Summer 2015

    Back in 1984, President Ronald Reagan bestowed upon us the sweet gift of National Ice Cream Month -- July.  ...
  5. Salmon at Joe and Misses Doe (Photo: Joe and Misses Doe)

    Salmon at Joe and Misses Doe

    Most people think of salmon as that silly pink fish that travels against the current. In Celtic mythology, however, it is among the most sensible of swimmers; a venerable, sacred animal that imparts wisdom to all who eat it. The Irish organic ...
  6. Prospect Park Food Truck Rally (Photo: NYC Food Truck Association)

    5 Terrific Food Trucks at Prospect Park Rally 2015

    Foodies rejoice: The Prospect Park Food Truck Rallies are back for the summer. ...
  7. Give Peas a Chance at the Clocktower (Photo: Clocktower)

    Raise a Glass: Give Peas a Chance Cocktail at the Clocktower

    Before the feast of fish and chips commences and the rounds of billiards begin, settle into the Clocktower’s clubby, photograph-strewn bar with a tasty aperitif. ...
  8. Shorty downstairs from Jacques (Photo: Shorty)

    8 Sexiest New Cocktail Lounges in 2015

    New York swells with both historic, beer-dispensing watering holes and bustling restaurants turning out immaculate cocktails. But sometimes it’s a sexy, low-lit lounge where you crave to while away the evening. ...
  9. Albondigas at El Colmado Butchery (Photo: Hernan F. Rodriguez)

    Albondigas at El Colmado Butchery

    Al-BON-di-gas! -- Spanish for meatballs -- is the sort of word that’s always said with an exclamation point. Derived from Arabic, meaning “small round object,” chef Seamus Mullen’s version ($14) at Meatpacking’s El ...
  10. 3 Celebrity Chefs’ Restaurants to Try for NYC Restaurant Week

    3 Celebrity Chef Restaurants to Try for NYC Restaurant Week 2015

    It’s that time again: NYC’s summer 2015 Restaurant Week kicks off on July 20 (through Aug. 14), ...