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  1. Lombardi's (Photo: Joe Hall/Flickr CC)

    You’re Not a New Yorker Until You’ve Tried These 10 Dining Experiences

    Diversity is one of the great draws of NYC -- what one person loves about the city might be vastly different from another -- but no matter what your preferences, there are a few rites of passage ...
  2. Borsa at Vic’s (Photo: Vic's)

    Borsa at Vic’s

    Ah, summer Fridays are finally here. What that means to New Yorkers: a shorter work week, longer weekends and the perfect excuse to kick them off over an extended, wine-soaked lunch. Noho’s Vic’s provides the perfect setting to this seasonal scenario, as the restaurant, ...
  3. Hotel Danger at Ramona (Photo: Ramona)

    Raise a Glass: Hotel Danger at Ramona

    Industrial Greenpoint has rapidly morphed into one of Brooklyn’s most fashionable neighborhoods, now teeming with the requisite boutiques and cafes. ...
  4. Pete's Tavern, the tavern O.Henry made famous (Photo: Beyond My Ken/Wikimedia Commons)

    5 Wonderful Literary Bars in NYC

    Every year, bibliophiles descend upon the Javits Center for BookExpo America. Over the course of three days (May 27-29) BEA brings together all lovers of the written word -- authors, publishers, librarians and voracious readers alike. ...
  5. A cheese counter at Eataly (Photo: John Li/Flickr CC)

    The Ultimate Guide to NYC’s Food Markets

    New York is home to every kind of food under the sun, from fine dining to killer sandwiches to specialties from every culinary culture. And increasingly, all these food options are coming together under a single roof. ...
  6. Soft Shell Crab Sandwich at Delicatessen (Photo: Delicatessen)

    Soft Shell Crab Sandwich at Delicatessen

    For food lovers, soft shell crab season is highly anticipated and well worth waiting for, just like the summer season it ushers in. And the refrain at restaurants all over town this year is: “better late than never,” as our cold, lingering ...
  7. The Grass at Mace (Photo: Scott Gordon Bleicher)

    Raise a Glass: The Grass at Mace

    Even if your childhood did not unfold amid suburban idyll, the scent of a just-mowed lawn, fresh and green, is nostalgically conjured when sipping the Grass, one of the signature drinks served at Mace. ...
  8. About Thyme at The Cecil (Photo: The Cecil)

    5 Fresh New Summer Cocktails in NYC

    Memorial Day Weekend: For some, it signifies a long-awaited frolicking session on the beach; for others it’s an excuse to chow down on straight-from-the-grill hot dogs. ...
  9. Red Rooster (Photo: Paul Brissman)

    8 Standout Restaurants in Harlem

    Restaurant watchers have predicted a Harlem dining renaissance ever since former President Bill Clinton set up his offices in the neighborhood in 2001. ...
  10. Beet Bourguignon at Rebelle (Photo: Rebelle)

    Beet Bourguignon at Rebelle

    That’s not a typo! When you drop the “f” and add a “t,” a hearty, meaty French classic becomes an opulent ode to the garden. It’s a playful reinvention that makes perfect sense in a spot that denotes its ladies’ room with a photo ...
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