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  1. River Café (Photo: VivaVioleta Photography/River Café)

    10 Best NYC Restaurants on the Water

    It's easy to forget that Manhattan is an island. Dining out at a waterfront restaurant will soon remind you. But not just any table will do -- the food, after all, has to live up to the setting. ...
  2. Croquetas de Jamón at Amada

    Croquetas de Jamon at Amada

    There are certain signature dishes that define the quality of a restaurant. At a sushi bar, it’s the tuna; in a Greek taverna, it's the octopus; and in a tapas bar, it’s the croquetas that separate the truly bueno from the asi-asi.  The croquetas ...
  3. Pampano dining room (Photo: Pampano)

    8 Best Mexican Restaurants in NYC

    New York City used to be sorely lacking in quality Mexican cuisine. That's no longer the case -- NYC now rivals its West Coast counterparts with its terrific Mexican comida. ...
  4. Sangria is the drink of the day at Calle Ocho (Photo: Calle Ocho)

    10 Best Bottomless Brunches in New York City

    For many of us, brunch is the highlight of the weekend -- particularly when you’ve got a cocktail in hand. Or two. Drinking is an integral part of this meal, ...
  5. The dining room of Sauvage (Photo: Sauvage)

    Top 10 New and Noteworthy Restaurants: May 2016

    My, my, May had much to offer this year, with a glut of openings, especially in Brooklyn. ...
  6. Malfadini at Lilia (Photo: Evan Sung)

    Malfadini at Lilia

    Let's face it, there's so much pasta in this town that we could feed a country full of marathon runners for life. And among that sea of flour and water, even good pasta -- and very good pasta -- is common in NYC. So to declare a particular pasta "great" in this city is ...
  7. Sprinkled and sugary donuts at Doughnuttery (Photo: Courtesy of Doughnuttery)

    The 10 Best Donuts in New York City

    When the Dutch founded what once was New Amsterdam, they brought along their recipe for an oil-fried pastry known collectively as oliebollen. ...
  8. Egg in a hole at Tekoa (Photo: Liz Clayman)

    Egg in a Hole at Tekoa

    Chefs Alex Raij and Eder Montero have introduced New Yorkers to the nuances of Basque cuisine and the Moorish influence on Spanish food at their restaurants Txikito, El Quinto Pino and La Vara. Now, at their new Cobble Hill coffee shop, they ...
  9. Lolo's Seafood Shack (Photo: Lolo's)

    8 NYC Restaurants with Secret Gardens

    Not every diner wants to be part of the "see-and-be-seen" scene. For those who enjoy a little tranquility with their meal, there's nothing like hiding out in NYC's "secret" restaurant gardens -- those quiet, al fresco patches tucked into courtyards, ...
  10. Fried chicken at Birds and Bubbles (Photo: Birds and Bubbles)

    The 10 Best Southern Restaurants in New York City

    It was one of the big dining trends of 2014: New York City developed an appetite for soulful, honest-to-goodness, real down-home Southern cuisine, from saucy barbecue to crispy fried chicken. ...