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  1. Stingray at Chomp Chomp (Photo: Chomp Chomp)

    BBQ Stingray at Chomp Chomp

    Singapore is 50! And doesn’t look a day over 196. Though modern Singapore was actually founded by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819, the country changed hands between British and Malaysian rule until its official independence in 1965. ...
  2. Okonomiyaki at Mocu-Mocu (Photo: Mocu-Mocu)

    Okonomiyaki at Mocu-Mocu

    Move over ramen, kale salads, fried chicken and heirloom carrots: the hottest dish in NYC right now comes via Japan, the savory pancake known as okonomiyaki. Traditionally, these crepe-like cakes are made with a batter heavy ...
  3. Chilled Beet Soup at Jones Wood Foundry (Photo: Jones Wood Foundry)

    Chilled Beet Soup at Jones Wood Foundry

    It may seem that NYC has gone a little “beet” crazy this summer, what with so many good dishes featuring the root veggies around town (See: beet risotto at the Back Room). There are bound to be more popping up in the fall, but here’s one  ...
  4. Top 10 New and Noteworthy Restaurants

    Top 10 New and Noteworthy Restaurants: August 2015

    As the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end,” including one of the loveliest summers this city has seen. But one thing that never ends in the city that never sleeps and always eats: restaurant openings! ...
  5. A jazz band performing at the Rainbow Room's Sunday brunch (Photo: Rainbow Room)

    8 Entertaining Live Music Brunches in NYC

    New Yorkers have made an art form out of brunch. It can be bottomlessly boozy -- a way to shake off a previous night’s revelry. And it can also prolong the weekend, especially when there’s live music involved. ...
  6. Tempura Matsui (Photo: Tempura Matsui)

    10 Fantastic Japanese Restaurants in NYC

    Though sushi is what immediately comes to mind when thinking of Japanese restaurants, here’s a newsflash: sushi is just one of about three dozen cuisines in Japan. In New York City, one can ...
  7. Strip Steak Market Bowl at Khe-Yo (Photo: Khe-Yo)

    Market Bowls at Khe-Yo

    For New Yorkers, it’s a given what the best part of jury duty is: lunch. Our courthouses are conveniently located on the edges of the diverse culinary havens of Chinatown, the Financial District and Tribeca. Just within the radius of a few blocks, ...
  8. Chocolate Mousse at Dominique Ansel Kitchen

    Chocolate Mousse at Dominique Ansel Kitchen

    Cronuts made him an international superstar. But many of Dominique Ansel’s desserts are rooted in the classics.  At his new West Village bakery, Dominique Ansel Kitchen, the award-winning pastry chef serves timeless sweets ...
  9. Sip under the stars at SixtyFive (Photo: SixtyFive at the Rainbow Room)

    3 Cool New NYC Rooftop Bars for Summer 2015

    When the heat rises, so do New Yorkers: Rooftop bars spike in popularity over the summer. ...
  10. Panna II (Photo: Jason Lam/Flickr CC/Mesohungry)

    8 Perfect NYC Restaurants for a Celebration

    New York City dwellings are snug, as are hotel rooms, which makes it a challenge to host a fabulous party. ...