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  1. Sprinkled and sugary donuts at Doughnuttery (Photo: Courtesy of Doughnuttery)

    The 10 Best Donuts in New York City

    When the Dutch founded what once was New Amsterdam, they brought along their recipe for an oil-fried pastry known collectively as oliebollen. ...
  2. Egg in a hole at Tekoa (Photo: Liz Clayman)

    Egg in a Hole at Tekoa

    Chefs Alex Raij and Eder Montero have introduced New Yorkers to the nuances of Basque cuisine and the Moorish influence on Spanish food at their restaurants Txikito, El Quinto Pino and La Vara. Now, at their new Cobble Hill coffee shop, they ...
  3. Lolo's Seafood Shack (Photo: Lolo's)

    8 NYC Restaurants with Secret Gardens

    Not every diner wants to be part of the "see-and-be-seen" scene. For those who enjoy a little tranquility with their meal, there's nothing like hiding out in NYC's "secret" restaurant gardens -- those quiet, al fresco patches tucked into courtyards, ...
  4. Fried chicken at Birds and Bubbles (Photo: Birds and Bubbles)

    The 10 Best Southern Restaurants in New York City

    It was one of the big dining trends of 2014: New York City developed an appetite for soulful, honest-to-goodness, real down-home Southern cuisine, from saucy barbecue to crispy fried chicken. ...
  5. Social Drink & Food at the top of Yotel (Photo: Courtesy of Yotel Hotels)

    Top 10 Rooftop Bars in New York City

    After all those cold, gray days cooped up inside, restless revelers want nothing more than to spend their carefree summer nights in the company of warm breezes and stellar glimpses of the New York skyline. ...
  6. The raw bar and dining room at Aquagrill (Photo: Aquagrill)

    Top 10 Seafood Restaurants in NYC

    New York City is the country's culinary king -- and this is particularly evident in its superb array of premiere seafood restaurants. Manhattan is an island, after all. ...
  7. Two pastas at Perla (Photos: Henry Hargreaves/Courtesy of Perla)

    Top 10 Italian Restaurants in NYC

    Not too long ago in our city's culinary history -- say, 15 years back -- "Italian restaurant" meant one thing: hearty red-sauce Italian-American. ...
  8. Caserecce at La Sirena (Photo: La Sirena)

    Caserecce at La Sirena

    Before Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich introduced La Sirena to Chelsea, it had been ten years since the duo have opened a (non-Eataly) restaurant in NYC. Their last effort, the four-star triumph known as Del Posto, was indeed a hard act  ...
  9. The Spicy Redneck and Chihuahua dogs at Crif Dogs (Photo: Nora Krupitsky for

    The 10 Best Hot Dogs in New York City

    With more top chefs per block than probably any other city in the world, it may seem culinary sacrilege in New York to consider shelling out money for a lowly hot dog, particularly a "dirty water dog" from a street vendor. ...
  10. Cod at Agern (Photo: Evan Sung)

    Cod at Agern

    Flowers are blooming as spring has finally sprung, and not just in the city gardens and tree pits. They are popping up on menus, too. Nasturtium are best known for their vibrant, and edible, orange and yellow petals, which are certainly a pretty presence ...