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  1. New and Noteworthy Restaurants May 2014 Ivan Ramen

    Top 10 New and Noteworthy Restaurant Openings: May 2014

    We’ve been covering hot NYC restaurant openings for a full year now. Looking back, choosing just 10 per month to highlight has not been easy, as the dining scene is proving more vibrant than ever. This month, the momentum continues ...
  2. Escargot with gnocchi at Le Cirque (Photo: Courtesy of Le Cirque)

    Escargot at Le Cirque

    The evolution of haute NYC dining can be seen on Le Cirque’s menu, even with a new chef in the kitchen. Belgian-born and French-bred Raphael Francois joined the restaurant as executive chef in spring 2014 after garnering experience ...
  3. How to Eat a Burger Like a New Yorker (Photos: Clockwise from Top Left: Evan Sung/Shake Shack, Fritzl's Lunchbox, MeSoHungry/Flickr CC, Keizo Shimamoto/GoRamen.com)

    How to Eat a Burger Like a New Yorker

    Visitors can feel safe on this one: unlike fork-and-knifing your pizza or waiting until ramen is all but cold, New Yorkers are easy-going about eating burgers. Still, locals have opinions (surprise, surprise) on how to receive maximum enjoyment ...
  4. Miniature lobster roll with a meringue bun (Photo: Atera)

    10 Best Tasting Menus in NYC Right Now

    Many would say that the tasting menu has taken over the NYC dining scene. We’re not talking about the simple three-course prix-fixe -- usually a way for the kitchen to save time, maximize profits and move product ...
  5. Chili dogs at Bark Hot Dogs

    5 of NYC’s Best Hot Dogs

    Out-of-towners tend to think that hot dogs, like pretzels or pizza, are one of those foods you can grab on any New York corner. And while dirty-water dogs might be everywhere, they're certainly not delicious everywhere ...
  6. Tuna tartare at All'onda

    Tuna Tartare at All’onda

    Yes, tuna tartare has been done to death. But All’onda chef Chris Jaeckle breathes new life into it with his version ($17), a combination of two cultures. The result is what happens when an izakaya (a Japanese small-plates tavern) ...
  7. Where to Eat Brunch on Father's Day 2014 (Photo: Daniel Krieger/Sweet Chick)

    Where to Take Dad for Brunch in NYC on Father’s Day 2014

    Father's Day is fast approaching, which means now is the time to start planning the first part of dad's day -- brunch -- on  June 15, 2014. Whether you want to go the nostalgic route with plates of cereal-encrusted French toast, dine on rib-sticking ...
  8. Arlington Club cocktail (Photo: Melissa Hom/Courtesy of Arlington Club)

    Celebrate Father’s Day 2014 with a Drink and a Steak at Top NYC Restaurants

    Dad doesn’t want another tie this year for Father’s Day. Make your gift a grown-up one and sit down together for an aged steak and a stiff drink. We talked to chefs across New York City for the best steak and quaff pairings ...
  9. Lobster roll at Luke's Lobster (Photo: Courtesy of Luke's Lobster)

    Splurge or Steal? Luscious Lobster Rolls

    There’s no way around it: lobster is expensive. It can be tough to fork over $15 for a lobster roll, and that $15 starts to look like a steal compared to the $30 rolls around town ...
  10. Brooklyn Grange (Photo: Courtesy of Brooklyn Grange)

    6 Pioneering Rooftop Gardens in NYC — and Where to Eat Their Produce

    Over the last few years, more than a few rooftop farms have sprouted up across New York City. Mostly they're atop warehouses, which offer the square footage needed for large-scale farming, but you can also find them crowning restaurants ...