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  1. Beet Risotto at the Back Room at One57 (Photo: The Back Room)

    Beet Risotto at the Back Room at One57

    Diners may need to steady themselves when the stainless steel pan arrives at the table at One57’s The Back Room. For it’s likely that they will be struck by love at first sight once gazing upon what’s inside: bright magenta ...
  2. Red Hook Lobster Pound truck (Photo: Red Hook Lobster Pound)

    Moveable Feast: 3 Terrific NYC Summer Food Trucks

    As the summer heat sizzles, the food trucks continue to proliferate on the streets of New York City. ...
  3. Tempura at Tempura Matsui (Photo: Tempura Matsui)

    Tempura at Tempura Matsui

    Think you know tempura? Think again. Though you may have eaten it dozens of times, experiencing the cuisine of tempura master Masao Matsui will make the Japanese specialty feel brand new. With over 30 years honing his deep-frying ...
  4. New and Noteworthy Restaurants for July 2015

    Top 10 New and Notable Restaurants: July 2015

    School is out, but restaurants remain in session across the city. ...
  5. Unique Food (Photo: iStockphoto)

    10 Most Unique Cuisines of NYC

    One of the most exciting ways to eat through New York City: stamping your culinary passport. With an estimated 140 cuisines to offer across five boroughs, it’s easy to bring the palate on a trip around the globe, without ever leaving city limits. ...
  6. Oxtail Cigars at Taboon

    Oxtail Cigars at Taboon

    Special occasions call for cigars all around. And fans of Efi Nahon, the founding chef of the popular Hell’s Kitchen restaurant Taboon, are celebrating his return with the oxtail variety -- a duo of crispy phyllo cylinders that are one of Nahon’s signature dishes. ...
  7. Lobster Paccheri at Rafele (Photo: Rafele)

    Lobster Paccheri at Rafele

    Missed out on summering in Italy this year? At least you can experience the flavors of a sunny holiday in Campania at the West Village restaurant Rafele. One dish in particular embodies the season, and region, in every bite: paccheri ...
  8. Lolo's Seafood Shack (Photo: Lolo's)

    8 NYC Restaurants with Secret Gardens

    Not every diner wants to be part of the “see-and-be-seen” scene. For those who enjoy a little tranquility with their meal, there’s nothing like hiding out in NYC’s “secret” restaurant gardens -- those quiet, al fresco patches tucked into courtyards, ...
  9. Sweet treat at Ample Hills Creamery (Photo: Stuart_Spivak/Flickr CC)

    3 Awesome NYC Ice Cream Shops for Summer 2015

    Back in 1984, President Ronald Reagan bestowed upon us the sweet gift of National Ice Cream Month -- July.  ...
  10. Salmon at Joe and Misses Doe (Photo: Joe and Misses Doe)

    Salmon at Joe and Misses Doe

    Most people think of salmon as that silly pink fish that travels against the current. In Celtic mythology, however, it is among the most sensible of swimmers; a venerable, sacred animal that imparts wisdom to all who eat it. The Irish organic ...