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  1. Crepe Sucre (Photo: Hernan F. Rodriguez)

    Eat Your Way through the New Gansevoort Market

    NYC is going through a food hall heyday of sorts. Gotham West Market spurred the trend when it opened in 2013; Berg’n followed suit when it launched in Brooklyn this summer; ...
  2. Raise a Glass: The Old Oscar at The Gilroy

    Raise a Glass: The Old Oscar at the Gilroy

    Many an evening at the Gilroy, Josh Mazza and Steve Laycock’s cozy Upper East Side hangout, revolves around a Negroni at the copper-topped bar. ...
  3. Causa at Panca (Photo: Panca)

    Causa at Panca

    Everyone associates the Irish with potatoes. But the world’s most spud-crazy country has to be Peru. The cultivation of potatoes originated there, in the highlands around Lake Titicaca, for starters, and the country grows 3,800 varieties. It’s no small wonder, ...
  4. Indulge in Royce and Nunu chocolates (Photos: Royce Chocolates, Nunu Chocolates)

    Sweet on You: 5 Unique Chocolate Shops for Valentine’s Day

    Presenting a heart-shaped box of bonbons to the object of your affection smacks of banality. Skip the uninspired drugstore run this Valentine’s Day and splurge ...
  5. Eat Your Way Around the World — Without Leaving New York City (Photo: iStockphoto)

    Eat Your Way Around the World — Without Leaving New York City

    When it comes to international dining, New Yorkers have an embarrassment of riches. We can indulge in Thai curries for rock-bottom prices in Queens, ...
  6. Matzo Ball Soup at Second Avenue Deli (Photo: Second Avenue Deli)

    Warm Up: 5 Best Soups in NYC

    Save for a fur-lined, hooded anorak, there’s no better way to get through a frigid NYC winter than a steaming bowl of soup. ...
  7. Brussels Sprout Salad at The Marshal

    Brussels Sprout Salad at The Marshal

    The season for Brussels sprouts is slipping away, so now is the time to get in the last of the fresh harvest until fall. One of the best spots to get a final fix: the homey Hell’s Kitchen restaurant The Marshal, where the Brussels ...
  8. Lavender hot chocolate at Maman (Photo: Maman)

    Hot Stuff: New York’s Most Delicious Hot Chocolate

    If there’s an upside to this pervasive chill, it’s that the tedium of bundling up is often rewarded with silky hot chocolate. ...
  9. Red Hot Ruby Punch from Da Claudio (Photo: Paul Wagtouicz/Courtesy of Da Claudio)

    It’s Toddy Time: 5 Tasty Hot Toddies in NYC

    Ambushed by frosty temps in the midst of flu season, naturally our desire to sip restorative, warm beverages only escalates. How timely, then, that January 11 marks the arrival of National Hot Toddy Day. ...
  10. The Chapulin at Long Island Bar (Photo: Long Island Bar)

    Raise a Glass: The Chapulin at Long Island Bar

    There is a celestial butterscotch pudding, creamy and redolent of brown sugar, on the menu at Long Island Bar, a Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, hangout. But for patrons hoping to assuage ...