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Porterhouse at Knickerbocker Bar and Grill

A cut usually for two, for one

Is there anything more disappointing than having your eye on a certain dish, only to discover that it is served (and priced) for two, and nary a dining companion steps up to share? This is usually the case with porterhouse steak: that prized, prime cut that features both sirloin and filet, divided by a shapely T-bone.


Knickerbocker Porterhouse

Knickerbocker’s Porterhouse for one

At the Greenwich Village chestnut Knickerbocker, however, the prayers of the lone diner are answered: Yes, there is a T-bone for one ($42.50) on the menu. It is still a sizable supper of tender, rich meat, cooked with just the right amount of char on the outside, complete with accompaniments of creamed spinach and mashed potatoes.

Opened in 1977 in the shadow of the Washington Square arch, Knickerbocker is a favorite of longtime neighborhood locals. Its name means “New Yorker” and the decor is all about honoring the Big Apple, its walls adorned with original Hirschfield caricatures and Gilded Age posters depicting our fair city. Add a jazz pianist and the atmosphere becomes just as delicious as those steaks — something all diners, especially New Yorkers, will want to share in.

Knickerbocker Bar and Grill
33 University Pl.

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