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Trending: Cronut Scalping

Last week, we tipped you off to the Cronut™ craze at Dominique Ansel Bakery. Pastry chef Ansel debuted the croissant-doughnut hybrids a few weeks back, and the sweet immediately developed a cult following–with pastry lovers lining up to get a taste before the shop even opened. The bakery had to impose a limit of six cronuts per person, and they routinely sold out within hours.


Behold the cronut

Limited supply, high demand … what’s the logical outcome? Cronut scalping. (Yes, really.)

First reported by Ryan Sutton of Bloomberg News on his blog The Price Hike (, a few enterprising folks have taken to Craigslist to offer their services–for a steep fee. After all, what with the early hours and long lines, it’s no simple task to procure the pastries.

What will home delivery of a few cronuts cost you? There’s one guy offering to “deliver them to you at a FLAT RATE of $20 per mouth-watering cronut. (Minimum of 2!) I don’t care where you live, unless it’s the Bronx or Staten Island.” Others have gotten more technical, with a tiered pricing structure from $20 (below 14th St) to $30 (above 59th St), with a $5 additional fee for the weekend. Counting on real-time demand, there’s one fellow offering a cronut he’s already bought, offering it for $10 to anyone in the Soho area. And circumventing the per-person limit, there’s a team of two women offering to combine their allotments and deliver a double order to your door.

Doubling your order may be the most appealing option; in the wake of the cronut madness, Ansel has cut the maximum order from six down to just three per person.

Is any pastry worth the $20 or $30 that some folks are charging? It’s hard to say–but if you’re not willing to wake up at dawn, this may be the only way to get a taste of the cronut.

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