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Why Make A Sandwich? #30Sandwiches to Eat in NYC Right Now

Oh, the Internet. How did we amuse ourselves without you? In case you haven’t heard of the 300 Sandwiches chick — that is, if you haven’t waded into the Twitterverse in the last 24 hours — let us fill you in. A New York Post Page Six reporter wrote the now-legendary piece, “I’m 124 sandwiches away from an engagement ring” (, in which her boyfriend told her, while wolfing down a sandwich, “Babes, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” — and she chose to take this seriously, creating 300 different sandwiches and documenting it all. “Maybe I needed to show him I could cook to prove that I am wife material. If he wanted 300 sandwiches, I’d give him 300 sandwiches — and I’d blog about it.” The outraged chatter and hilarious parodies took off from there under the hashtag, #300sandwiches. (Check out #300feministsandwiches for a good laugh.)

It all begs the question. These two live in New York City, one of the sandwich capitals of the world. Who needs to make a sandwich? That’s what restaurants and delis are for. Of course, there are far more than 300 excellent sandwiches in this great city of ours. However, to narrow things down just a bit, here are 30 delicious NYC sandwiches to try — all of which will make you want to propose to the guy or girl behind the counter.

Porky melt Pork Slope

Porky Melt (Photo: Courtesy of Pork Slope)

Hot Roast Beef at Defonte’s
Dating back to 1922, Defonte’s makes the kind of massive heroes you can barely get your jaw around; the Hot Roast Beef includes their signature: a slice of fried eggplant in with the roast beef and mozzarella. Multiple locations,, @defontesBrklyn‎

Zucchini Parm at No. 7 Sub
The only thing crazier than some of this shop’s sandwich combinations is how good they are. Try the Zucchini Parm, with pickled jalapeños and BBQ potato chips right in the sandwich. Multiple locations,, @No7Sub

Lobster Roll at Luke’s Lobster
With butter-toasted, split-top buns, fresh lobster, and just a little bit of mayo and lemon butter, Luke’s does the Maine tradition proud. Multiple locations,, @LukesLobster

Meatball Parm at Parm
Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi have perfected the old-school Italian heroes of yore, while working in their own signature touch. Get the Meatball Parm, with baseball-sized meatballs more tender than any you’ve ever had. 248 Mulberry St., 212-993-7189,

Roast Beef at Mama’s (Leo’s Latticini)
This legendary Queens hero shop dates back nearly a century, and it’s still going strong. The roast beef sandwich, with cheese, peppers, and juicy meat “gravy,” is worth the trip to Corona. 46-02 104th St., Queens, 718-898-6069

Porky Melt at Pork Slope
This lovable sports bar-slash-whiskey bar has one of the best “junk food” menus we know, with tater tot nachos and the Porky Melt: cheddarwurst served as a patty melt, with grilled onions, mustard, and rye. 254 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, 718-768-7675,, @porkslopebk

Pinocchio at Alidoro
Down in SoHo, this venerable Italian sandwich shop calls all its sandwiches by name. The Pinocchio is a classic, layered with prosciutto, sopressata and mozzarella, with roasted peppers and olive paste to round it out. 105 Sullivan St., 212-334-5179,

Reuben at Katz’s
The most famous deli in New York, and truly one of the best. The Reuben shows off their pastrami nicely, while adding sauerkraut, Russian dressing, and Swiss cheese. 205 E. Houston St., 212-254-2246,, @KatzsDeli

Coconut Tiger Shrimp at Num Pang
There’s nothing quite like these Cambodian sandwiches, similar to banh mi but with chili mayo and semolina flour baguettes. The coconut-encrusted “Tiger Shrimp,” together with the pickled carrots and cilantro, combine to make one of our favorite sandwiches anywhere. Multiple locations,, @NumPang

#20 at City Sub
If only every neighborhood had a no-frills sandwich shop as good as Park Slope’s City Sub. You can’t miss with the #20, a gut-busting combination of capocollo, prosciutto, and pepper jack cheese. 450 Bergen St., Brooklyn, 398-2592

Ham and Cheese at Bierkraft
It seems unlikely that a beer shop would make some of the best sandwiches in Brooklyn, but just go with it. With smoked ham and gruyere, along with cornichons and spicy Dijon mustard, the ham and cheese is simply as good as that sandwich can get. 191 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, 718-230-7600,, @bierkraft

Captain’s Daughter at Saltie
Every sandwich at Saltie sounds a little odd until you bite into it — and then it makes perfect sense. Get the Captain’s Daughter, with sardines, pickled egg and salsa verde. 378 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, 718-387-4777,, @Saltieny

Classic Beef Smash at the Meatball Shop
You can get the ‘balls at the Meatball Shop in many ways, but you can’t beat the Smash, in which two meatballs are smashed together on a toasted brioche bun, smothered in sauce and melted mozzarella. Multiple locations,, @MEATBALLERS

The Henrique at City Sandwich
City Sandwich almost seems like a classic Italian hero shop, until you start reading the menu and realize it’s a lot more interesting than that. We love Henrique for its Portuguese Alheira sausage, steamed collards, melted mozz and grilled onions. 649 Ninth Ave., 646-684-3943,, @CitySandwichNYC

Roast Turkey on Semolina Raisin and Fennel Bread at Amy’s Bread
This all-American bakery does all the classics right, serving sandwiches on its freshly baked bread. The slightly sweet, slightly anise-y Semolina Raisin and Fennel Bread is a great backdrop for roast turkey, cranberry and mayo. Multiple locations,, @amysbread

Tuna Melt at Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop
An old-school lunch counter with a properly old-school tuna melt: can’t be beat. 174 5th Ave., 212-675-5096,, @Eisenbergsnyc‎

Spicy Rizzak at Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop
Indeed a tiny shop with massive sandwiches, with the best being the Spicy Rizzak, with sliced turkey and crisp bacon smothered in melted cheddar, plus onion and spicy chipotle mayo. 129 Rivington St., 212-228-4919,, @tinysgiantnyc

Prime Rib Rotisserie Sandwich at Eataly
One of the highlights at this Italian food megastore is its rotisserie, with decadent cuts of meat sold by the pound or as a sandwich: piled high in a crusty roll, the prime rib is a carnivore’s delight. 200 5th Ave., 212-229-2560,, @Eataly‎

Oyster Po’ Boy at Cheeky Sandwiches
The South knows its sandwiches, and this Lower East Side shop does the New Orleans po’ boy tradition proud. Get your fried oyster po’ boy fully “dressed,” with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. 35 Orchard St., 646-504-8132,

Willie’s Italian Special at Graham Avenue Meats & Deli
This old-school Williamsburg sandwich shop gives you everything you want from an Italian hero; Willie himself piles on the meats and roasted red pepper, and then gives you a splash of chili oil if you want it spicy. 445 Graham Ave., Brooklyn, 718-389-9777

Smoked Meat at Mile End
The Montreal-style smoked meats here differ from the classic New York deli tradition, but work just as well when piled on rye bread with spicy mustard. Multiple locations,, @mileenddeli

Porchetta at Porchetta
It’s the very name of this East Village shop, so they’ve gotta do it right: porchetta, herb-laden roasted pork with crispy skin, sliced onto a crusty roll. Everything a pork-lover could dream of.  110 E. 7th St.; 212-777-2151,, @porchettanyc‎

Pho Real at Sunny & Annie Deli
How do you make a sandwich out of … a bowl of noodle soup? The “Pho Real” takes its inspiration from Vietnamese pho, and succeeds with roast beef, hoisin, cilantro and sriracha. 94 Avenue B, 212-677-3131, @SunnyAnnieDeli

Roaster Beef at Roll-n-Roaster
Between the dated decor and the rock-bottom prices, it’s hard to believe you’re still in New York at Roll-n-Roaster. But that’s part of the fun, as is the awesomely old-school Roaster Beef, with Cheez Whiz and caramelized onions topping off the meat. 2901 Emmons Ave., Brooklyn, 718-769-6000,, @RollNRoaster

Pig’s Ass Sandwich at Casellula
We’d love this sandwich just for its name, but the sandwich itself — basically an upgraded Cuban — deserves accolades too, with 5-Spoke Creamery Tumbleweed and Fol Epi cheeses along with the ham, chipotle aioli and bread-and-butter pickles. 401 W. 52nd St., 212-247-8137,, @casellula

Roast Pork Special at Shorty’s
Everyone loves a cheesesteak, but the real winner at Shorty’s is the roast pork sandwich, with spicy broccoli rabe, provolone and a side of garlic jus. Multiple locations,, @shortysnyc

Daughter’s Delight at Russ and Daughters
Any bagel sandwich is a great order at this venerable smoked fish shop, but the Daughter’s Delight is a particular treasure, with cream cheese and Nova topped off by Alaskan salmon roe.  179 East Houston St., 212-475-4880,, @LoxPopuli

Falafel Pita at Taim
Simply the best falafel in the city, fried crisp to order, made even better with fresh fluffy pita and creamy hummus. Look out for the truck, as well as retail locations. Multiple locations,, @taimrestaurant‎

Chicken Parm at Best Pizza
It’s got some of Williasmburg’s best pizza, definitely, but its sandwiches are just as good. The chicken parm succeeds where so many similar sandwiches fail, with dark meat chicken fried to order and a richly flavorful tomato sauce spiked with anchovies. 33 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn, 718-599-2210,

‘BLP’ at Van Horn
What’s better than a BLT? A bacon-lettuce sandwich with tangy pimento cheese slathered all over. Shake on some of their house hot sauce for best effect. 231 Court St., Brooklyn, 718-596-9707,, @vanhornbrooklyn

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