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Get an insider’s view of New York with these tours, whether it be by bus, bike, boat or on foot

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  1. Statue by Night tour (Photo: New York Water Taxi)

    10 Tours to Take for Captivating New York Views

    An image of New York City on a postcard is eye-catching. In person, that view is even more thrilling. But, you don't have to own a penthouse apartment to take in million-dollar vistas of the city. These ten tours take you soaring ...
  2. Central Park Tour: Icon Views of Central Park (Photo: Andrés Nieto Porras/Flickr CC)

    8 Top Tours for First-Time Visitors to NYC

    Where to begin exploring New York? For a newbie in Manhattan, a plan is in order, and it often helps to call in an expert. ...
  3. A breakdancer pops and locks on The Ride tour (Photo: The Ride)

    8 NYC Tours with Awesome Live Entertainment

    Checking out live entertainment in NYC is a must-do -- but ticket prices can add up. And if you’re on a tight schedule, it can be tough to carve out time to see more than a one or two concerts and shows during your visit. ...
  4. Central Park Walking Tour (Photo: Central Park Sightseeing)

    10 Fascinating Walking Tours of NYC

    It’s one thing to see the city from an air-conditioned bus or via the exhibits in a museum. It’s another thing entirely to walk the streets -- along the famous avenues, down hidden alleys and across iconic bridges ...
  5. central-park-sightseeing_200

    Pictures Around Town: Central Park Sightseeing Took Us On a Bike Tour and Here’s What Happened

    There are many ways to get around Manhattan, but in Central Park, the best mode of transport is a bicycle. ...
  6. Circle Line Landmark Cruise (Photo: Circle Line Sightseeing)

    The 8 Best Times of Day to Cruise Around NYC

    New York City’s waterways are as busy as its streets, with cruises departing every hour of the day and night. But, time is of the essence: Picking the optimal time to embark on a cruise is key to maximizing your experience, ...
  7. 2-hello-brooklyn-tour_200

    Top 10 Tours to Cool Off in the New York Heat

    A trip to the beach isn't the only way to cool off when the summer heat hits. Throughout New York, there are boat tours with river breezes and beer crawls with icy brews that can help you to stay frosty. ...
  8. brooklyn-bridge_200

    Photo of the Weekend: Sun Sets Over the Brooklyn Bridge

    After a turbulent week, this photo of the sun peeking through the clouds as it sets over the Brooklyn Bridge warmed our hearts ...
  9. Central Park Bike Tour (Photo: Central Park Sightseeing)

    8 Wonderful Central Park Tours

    Central Park is often called the "lungs" of New York City. And for good reason: This vast expanse of green is a refreshing (and necessary) counterpoint to the city’s concrete, grit and noise. ...
  10. 1-hello-brooklyn-tour_200

    The Top 10 Tours of Brooklyn

    Who says Manhattan is the center of the universe? For many, Brooklyn is! The borough is a cultural hotbed, with enticing art, shopping and restaurants. ...