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Get an insider’s view of New York with these tours, whether it be by bus, bike, boat or on foot

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  1. Central Park Horse and Carriage Ride (Photo: Central Park Sightseeing)

    8 Awesome Tours to Celebrate Winter in NYC

    The holidays may be over and winter is truly upon us, but that also means we have our free time back. Without holiday shopping to do and seasonal parties to attend, ...
  2. Central Park Bike Tour (Photo: Central Park Sightseeing)

    8 Awesome Tours to Kick Off Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

    After the gluttony of the holidays comes the health streak of the New Year. Make your resolutions stick this year by adding an element of entertainment to your new routine. ...
  3. new-york-sightseeing-passes_200

    The Ultimate Guide to New York City’s Best Sightseeing Passes

    If you’re coming to New York on a mission to check out as many famous attractions as possible, picking up a sightseeing pass is a no-brainer. ...
  4. A tour group visits the Lower East Side Tenement Museum

    9 Awesome NYC Tours: Downtown, Midtown and Uptown

    From the blazing lights of Times Square to bustling Wall Street, New York City is packed with sights and sounds. It can be hard to take it all in,  ...
  5. Food in the window in Chinatown (Photo: Phil Roeder/Flickr CC)

    8 Terrific Eat-and-Sightsee Tours

    Why just see a neighborhood when you could taste its signature flavors too? Several tours in New York combine sightseeing and eating, offering itineraries that engage multiple senses. As you explore ...
  6. Food Walking Tour of Tompkinsville, Staten Island (Photo: Noshwalks)

    8 Best Tours for Discovering Local NYC Neighborhoods

    There are plenty of NYC tours offering an overview of the city’s top spots -- Times Square, the 9/11 Memorial, the Statue of Liberty -- but what if you’re craving a deeper bite into the Big Apple? As luck would have it, there are also a number of amazing tours ...
  7. Haunted Safari at Boo at the Zoo (Photo: Bronx Zoo)

    8 Super-Fun Family Fall Outings in NYC

    From bright fall foliage to colorful Halloween parades, the brisk months before the holidays are filled with opportunities for family-friendly fun. ...
  8. 5-central-park_200

    25 Things You Must Do This Fall in NYC

    Summer is always sweet, but it’s hard to miss the sultry beach days once the pleasures of fall arrive. When the crisp evening air blows in ...
  9. The Ride is packed with entertainment for all ages (Photo: The Ride)

    8 Entertaining NYC Tours for Parents

    It’s that time of year again: College kids are swarming the city, and their parents are coming along with them (or planning to visit soon), eager to tour New York City and see what all the fuss is about.  ...
  10. The Water Table (Photo: The Water Table)

    8 Terrific NYC Cruises Where You Can Dine and Sip with a View

    New Yorkers are all about efficiency, from the routes they take to maneuver the city streets to ordering takeway in a New York minute. River cruises slot right in with that ethos. A sail on the Hudson or the East River ...