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Get an insider’s view of New York with these tours, whether it be by bus, bike, boat or on foot

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  1. The shops at Le District in Brookfield Place; inset: Elyse Brandau (Photos: Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Brookfield Place, Courtesy of On Location Tours)

    Tour Guide Elyse Brandau of On Location Tours Shares Her 3 Favorite Places for a Fun Night in NYC

    One of the city's most entertaining tour guides, Elyse Brandau, will "Carrie" you away on the Sex and the City Hotspots Tour with mass amounts of humor and flair. ...
  2. Tour Guide Sarah Naughton, TMZ Celebrity NYC Tour (Photo: TMZ Celebrity Tour NYC)

    Tour Guide Sarah Naughton of TMZ Celebrity Tours Shares Her 3 Top Picks for NYC Celebrity Sightings

    So you want to know where to find celebrities in New York City? The simple answer is: everywhere! Many famous people live and work in NYC, so walk around with your head on a swivel, and you’re bound to see a Hollywood face, ...
  3. Captain Timothy Miller of Manhattan by Sail (Photo: Craig Nelson)

    A Day in the Life of Captain Timothy Miller of Manhattan By Sail

    When Timothy Miller was finishing up high school in Connecticut, his mother suggested he take a year off before college and get a job on a cruise ship for the summer. ...
  4. Central Park Bike Tour (Photo: Central Park Sightseeing)

    8 Wonderful Central Park Tours

    Central Park is often called the “lungs” of New York City. And for good reason: This vast expanse of green is a refreshing (and necessary) counterpoint to the city’s concrete, grit and noise. ...
  5. Hikers in the Catskills (Photo: Radocaj/Flickr CC)

    10 Terrific Labor Day Getaways from NYC

    Labor Day weekend is the last hurrah of summer. It’s your final chance to escape before it’s back to non-summer Fridays and sweater weather. The good news? From New York City, it’s easy to steal away for the weekend. ...
  6. Tour Guide Sherwood Lucke, Big Bus Tours (Photo: Big Bus Tours)

    Tour Guide Sherwood Lucke of Big Bus Shares His 3 Favorite NYC Landmarks

    Sherwood Lucke is not your average tour guide. Before he started leading tours for Big Bus New York, this longtime local worked in the military as a Peace Officer in Jersey City and also as a security guard for professional wrestling. ...
  7. A breakdancer pops and locks on The Ride tour (Photo: The Ride)

    8 NYC Tours with Awesome Live Entertainment

    Checking out live entertainment in NYC is a must-do -- but ticket prices can add up. And if you’re on a tight schedule, it can be tough to carve out time to see more than a one or two concerts and shows during your visit. ...
  8. Pet concierge Sadie at The Muse Hotel (Photos: The Muse Hotel)

    The Perfect Pet-Friendly Itinerary Around NYC

    Meet Sadie. She’s a four-year-old Shih Tzu and the newly installed Director of Pet Relations at The Muse Hotel in Midtown. ...
  9. Georgette Blau (Photo: Courtesy of On Location)

    Lights, Camera, Tours! How Entrepreneur Georgette Blau Transformed Sightseeing in NYC

    One day in 1999, Georgette Blau was walking past an apartment building on the Upper East Side, the setting of the popular Jeffersons TV show ...
  10. Central Park Walking Tour (Photo: Central Park Sightseeing)

    10 Fascinating Walking Tours of NYC

    It’s one thing to see the city from an air-conditioned bus or via the exhibits in a museum. It’s another thing entirely to walk the streets -- along the famous avenues, down hidden alleys and across iconic bridges ...