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Get an insider’s view of New York with these tours, whether it be by bus, bike, boat or on foot

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  1. Lincoln Center Tour Guide

    What Does It Take to Be a Tour Guide in NYC?

    Tourism pumps a whopping $34.5 billion a year into the New York City economy, and it's no surprise that tours of the city and its various attractions account for a significant portion of those dollars ...
  2. The Statue of Liberty (Photo: Ludovic Bertron/Laverrue/Flickr)

    Secrets of the Statue of Liberty

    The Statue of Liberty is probably one of the most recognizable structures in the entire world, a “new colossus,” as it was called when it was built, intended to be a shining beacon of welcome and promise for weary travelers entering New York Harbor ...
  3. City Food Tours

    10 Things to Know Before You Tour

    Taking a New York City tour is one of the best ways to get an inside peek at New York’s most popular neighborhoods and attractions—whether you want to walk Wall Street, see where the Saturday Night Live magic happens or take Manhattan by boat. ...
  4. New York Spy Guide

    The Spy Guide to New York City

    All things spycraft are currently on display at Spy: The Secret World of Espionage at Discovery Times Square, and there’s really no better city to host the exhibit. ...
  5. New York Post tour

    Ride All About It in the ‘NY Post’ Bus Tour

    The New York Post has always grabbed the city’s attention with outrageous headlines designed to turn heads and sometimes stomachs. ...
  6. HBO's Girls

    A ‘Girls’ Guide to New York

    When the HBO series Girls wraps up its second season next week, there will only be a total of 20 episodes in the can, but the show has already inspired legions of obsessive fans. ...
  7. Richart

    A Chocolate Lover’s Guide to New York

    Everyone has an opinion about chocolate. It can be a treat for a child, a gift for a lover, a personal indulgence or a binger's nightmare.  ...
  8. Circle Line Kids Cruise Series

    Family-Friendly Tours: By Sea, Air & Land

    Sure, hopping on a tour bus might be the most obvious choice for checking out New York City, but there’s more than one way to explore the Big Apple—especially with kids. With limited attention spans, ...
  9. Stuart Little (photo: Columbia Pictures/Photofest)

    A Children’s Literature Tour of New York

    Some of the greatest children’s books take place in New York City. Within their pages, the city becomes a vivid backdrop where seemingly anything can happen. ...
  10. Edgar Allen Poe Greenwich Village Tour

    12 Tours Even Locals Will Love

    New Yorkers have a reputation for rolling their eyes when it comes to tours of the city. After all, when you live here, why  pay money to walk around your own backyard? As it turns out, there are fascinating, information-packed tours out there  even skeptical NYC locals are sure to love. ...