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Get an insider’s view of New York with these tours, whether it be by bus, bike, boat or on foot

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  1. openloop_200

    Top Photos from and Open Loop’s Night Tour InstaMeet

    As part of our Instameet series, and Open Loop New York teamed up to host an Instagram meet up on one of Open Loop's double decker tour buses ...
  2. The Open Loop bus cruises through the Flatiron District, giving a great view of the Empire State Building (Photo: Open Loop Tours)

    The Ultimate Guide to NYC’s Hop-On, Hop-Off Tours

    Hop-on, hop-off tours are distinct from guided tours in one essential (but amazing) way: They afford tour-goers the opportunity to customize their urban explorations, hopping off the tour at ...
  3. harvey-levin-tmz_200

    TMZ Founder Harvey Levin Shares His 7 Most Shocking NYC Celebrity Scandals

    When the TMZ website bounded onto the scene in 2005, it changed the celebrity gossip game. From its splashy photos and videos to aggressive, on-the-ground reporting, TMZ quickly became ...
  4. Swing Night Tour (Photo: Open Tours)

    15 Ultimate Honeymoon Experiences in NYC

    In When Harry Met Sally, the gorgeous backdrop of New York City -- leafy Central Park, the stately Washington Square Arch -- is as much a star of the film as the principal characters themselves. ...
  5. Meet fellow shopaholics on the Gossip Girl Sites Tour (Photo: On Location Tours)

    10 Terrific Tours for Solo Travelers in NYC

    When you visit New York solo, the city is your date. It will entertain you when you dine at the bar, or browse leisurely in a bookstore or devour a slice of signature pizza. But New York City can also be a challenge to explore ...
  6. Tour Guide Rory Lipede, The Ride (Photo: The Ride)

    8 Most Entertaining Tour Guides in New York City

    When you’re visiting New York, a tour guide is often your first local viewpoint of the city. Being privy to this insider perspective can greatly elevate your experience -- and even more so when the guide is entertaining. ...
  7. Catch the breeze on the Central Park Pedicab Tour (Photo: Central Park Sightseeing)

    10 Fabulous NYC Tours for Spring

    After hibernating all winter, New Yorkers emerge from their cozy apartments and corner watering holes with a renewed spirit to once again explore the city. Follow in their footsteps this spring, with tours that set the stage for brunching ...
  8. The Flatiron Food Tour starts at Eataly (Photo: Like A Local Tours)

    8 NYC Tours Where You Can Eat Like a New Yorker

    New Yorkers don’t settle -- especially when it comes to local foods like bagels, pizza and egg creams. Yet for every exceptional everything bagel with a schmear of fluffy cream cheese, ...
  9. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn and beyond on Open Tours Triboro Tour (Photo: Open Tours)

    Escape Manhattan: The 10 Best of the Borough Tours

    Manhattan may get the lion’s share of visitors -- and media coverage -- but the outer boroughs offer an equally memorable cultural experience, with fascinating history, landmark museums and parks ...
  10. Sunday Funday: A Taste of Williamsburg Tour (Photo: Taste of Williamsburg)

    8 NYC Tours That Even New Yorkers Should Take

    New Yorkers rely on experts to enhance their lives, from a favorite hair stylist to the mixologist at the corner bar. It’s time to apply this same logic to tours. ...