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Get an insider’s view of New York with these tours, whether it be by bus, bike, boat or on foot

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  1. bronx-tours_200

    10 Bronx Tours That Get the Borough Right

    Back in the day, humorist Ogden Nash once said: The Bronx? No thonks! But these days, it's: The Bronx? Yes thonks! ...
  2. Children play in the Kosciusko Pool in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

    10 Fun-Tastic Ways to Beat the Heat in NYC

    When the temperatures hit 90 and above, the city can begin to feel like one massive sauna. But there’s no need to sweat it out on the streets. ...
  3. The Hook & Ladder in 'Ghostbusters' (Photo: Courtesy of On Location Tours)

    9 Tours That Bring Hollywood to NYC

    From the tearjerker classics (An Affair to Remember) to contemporary shoot-'em-ups (Men in Black) to humorously honest TV dramas (HBO’s Girls), New York is one of the most filmed cities ...
  4. New York Exposed (Photo-Illustration: iStockphoto, Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)

    7 New York City Tours You’ve Never Taken — But Should

    Plenty of New York City tours hit the highlights, from double-decker bus tours to breezy boat cruises. But if you're keen to discover ...
  5. Take an after-dark tour in NYC (Photo: Mat Szwajkos)

    8 Eye-Opening Night Tours of the City that Never Sleeps

    There's good reason that New York City is called the "city that never sleeps." ...
  6. Unisphere in Flushing Meadows Corona Park (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

    8 Tours of Queens That Get the Borough Right

    New York is all about the Empire State Building, Central Park and Times Square, right? Not entirely. ...
  7. Explore New York City with Clipper City Tours

    8 Best New York City Water Tours

    It's a New York truism that for the best views of Manhattan, you need to leave the island. Boarding a boat is one of the best ways to do so. A tour through New York Harbor offers the chance to see the Big Apple from a whole different ...
  8. Kayakers on the Hudson River (Photo: Courtesy of New York Kayak Company)

    7 Fab NYC Tours That Double as a Workout

    There are lots of ways to see New York City -- by bus, boat, helicopter even -- but usually you're leaving the steering to someone else, while you sit back and enjoy the views. ...
  9. Ultimate Guide to NYC Bus Tours (Photo: Mat Szwajkos)

    Ultimate Guide to NYC Bus Tours: 8 to Book Now

    The landmark buildings, the myriad attractions, the varied neighborhoods: It’s no secret that deciding what to do during a visit to New York City can be daunting. Enter the bus tour. These four-wheeled city jaunts take a lot of the guesswork ...
  10. Whitewater rafting (Photo: Urban Sherpa Travel)

    8 Best Tours for New York Adventure Seekers

    Whether you’re running to catch the subway or trying to score that last-minute Broadway ticket, life is never boring in NYC. It can sometimes seem, however, like true adventure -- the get dirt ...