Visiting New York By Bus

Hopping a bus can be a convenient and affordable way to reach New York. After all, in the movies people setting out to discover their big city dreams always step off a bus, right? Whether visiting for a weekend or an extended dream-seeking adventure, the major New York City-area bus terminals ­offer several options for arrival.


Port Authority Bus Terminal

Located between 40th and 42nd Sts. between 8th and 9th Aves., Port Authority is the largest bus station in the country and the busiest station in the world. It services several affordable bus lines including Greyhound, Coach USA and BoltBus. With direct access from the terminal to the subway, as well as access to city buses and taxis, travelers can get to their destinations with ease.

Subway: Just $2.25 per ride, travelers can take the A, C, E, N, Q, R, 1, 2, 3, 7 and S from Port Authority via its direct, underground passageways.
Bus: For just $2.25, passengers can jump on the M104 bus at W 41st St. and Eighth Ave. and get to Midtown in less than 30 minutes.
Taxi: Taxis can always be found outside of Port Authority, willing to take passengers anywhere they need to go, whether it’s their hotel to unpack, or a local bar to unwind.


George Washington Bridge Bus Station

Located between 178th and 179th Sts. and Fort Washington and Wadsworth Aves., the George Washington Bridge Bus Station serves over five million commuters. Some of its busy lines include Shortline Bus, Coach USA and NJ Transit. Easily accessible by train and taxi, GWBBS is a convenient station for many travelers.

Subway: For just $2.25, passengers can take the A train at 175th St. or the 1 train at 181st St. to Midtown in under an hour.
Bus: For just $2.25, travelers can hop on the M4 or M5 buses just outside GWBBS and get to Midtown in just over an hour.
Taxi: Tired travelers can take a taxi to midtown for about $52.00 in just 40 minutes.


Journal Square Transportation Center

Located in Jersey City, Journal Square is New Jersey’s busiest transportation center, providing both bus and PATH rail services to over eight million commuters daily. Most popular bus lines include Academy Bus, Coach USA and NJ Transit. Travelers can take the PATH rail to Manhattan or take a taxi to their destination.

PATH Rail: For just $2.00, travelers can take the PATH rail to Midtown in just 20 minutes.
Taxi: Travelers can take a taxi from Journal Square to Midtown in about 40 minutes; cost varies depending on taxi or limousine service, so ask before you ride.