Why “New York Moment?”

Join us on a film journey that explores the unexpected moments that add up to the world’s greatest city

The energy. The skyline. The pizza. It’s not easy to pinpoint what makes New York the most interesting city in the world to so many, so we asked New Yorkers and New Yorkers-at-heart what inspires them about this metropolis.

Manhattan Skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge (Photo: Mat Szwajkos)

Manhattan Skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge (Photo: Mat Szwajkos)

New York Moment is a short film series that grew out of our desire to share the passion each New Yorker feels about living and working in the city. It can be demanding, fast paced and overwhelming, but it’s also magical, unique, inspiring.

Each person has his or her own reason for loving this city and the reasons are as diverse as the individuals who give voice to them. From the first man to illustrate a New Yorker magazine cover on the iPad to a musician who turns Times Square into his stage every day to a taxi-driver-turned-professional-photographer, our series will introduce you to NYC through the eyes of the fascinating folks who call Gotham home.

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