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New York


If you’ve ever tried to drive to New York City, or drive inside the city itself, you probably know that it’s not a great idea. Tolls are expensive, parking is a royal pain (if you can find any at all), and the traffic is nothing short of terrifying. Between public transit, NYC cabs, shuttles, and car services, there are plenty of New York City transportation options that will take you to all the must-see attractions in New York without the hassle of a car of your own.

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The idea of using a car or shuttle service for transportation to New York may sound expensive, but it’s actually super convenient and affordable. Easier than hailing a cab, you can make reservations for your ride, and prices to travel to and from the airports usually beat cab fare. Your cheapest option will always be public transit, but when you’re traveling with luggage or don’t know your way around, a car service is a great way to eliminate any New York City transportation woes like getting lost or getting your luggage through subway turnstiles and up long staircases. Shuttles and car services also provide transportation to attractions in New York that are not easily accessible by public transit. For example, some of the very best high end shopping is just outside the city. Make transportation reservations through’s transportation page to get insider discounts on New York City transportation services. As for the subway, don’t let all those colored lines and labyrinthine stations intimidate you. Maps inside each station and subway car will help you figure out where you need to go, and people are usually helpful if you just ask. You’re never far from a subway station in Manhattan, so it’s often the quickest and cheapest way to get around within the denser parts of the city. New York City transportation is simpler than it seems, as long as you’re not trying to drive yourself.

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