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The Lion King Tickets

  • About The Lion King

    After 15 years, Lion King tickets are still in demand every night. has Lion King tickets for eight shows a week, including two matinees that are great times for younger theatergoers. Be sure to check your ticket for The Lion King before heading to the theater as performance times vary during the week.

    It’s a testament to the enduring popularity of The Lion King that “Hakuna matata” has become part of our lexicon. Though essentially translated as “Don’t worry, be happy,” the phrase has a much deeper resonance in The Lion King: It’s about living in the present, and leaving the past behind. For Simba, it’s about evolving from cub to King.

    The Lion King Broadway musical, based on the 1994 Disney movie and currently showing at the handsome Minskoff Theatre, can claim all sorts of superlatives: After 15 years, It’s the fifth-longest-running show on Broadway. As of 2012, it became the highest-grossing Broadway show of all time.

    Since its Broadway premiere in 1997, the musical has been seen by more than 65 million people worldwide. And, the director Julie Taymor – whose brilliant costumes are so famous that they’re now part of the permanent collection at the Smithsonian museum – became the first woman to win a Tony Award for directing a musical. (It won five other Tonys, along with 70 other awards, include the 1999 Grammy for Best Musical Show Album.) Also superlative? The talented music and lyrics team: Elton John and Time Rice. The duo, who created the music for the film, have adapted all the film’s big hits for the stage, from “Circle of Life” to the Academy Award-winning song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight."

    The story is simple but timeless: The lion cub Simba, who is born in the African heartland, is destined to become king. But evil interferes: The devious uncle Scar slays Simba’s father, King Mufasa, and blames it on the young cub. Simba, deeply sad and ashamed, goes into self-exile. As Simba wanders the jungle, he grows into a lion, and eventually returns to reclaim the throne. A jealous brother who kills the king and banishes the young prince? Yes, it’s Hamlet of the animal kingdom.

    Perhaps most remarkable is the way in which the African landscape comes to life – via the human figure. All the natural elements – like new buds of grass – are performed by actors, who blossom from the ground and then sway back and forth as the winds cross the African plains. The actors also expressively use their bodies – writhing, pouncing, leaping – to perform the astonishing array of animals: Zebras prance, antelopes arch their backs and giraffes teeter like stiff-legged ballet dancers.

    Most affectingly – and this is at the core of Julie Taymor’s brilliant costume design – is that the actors don’t wear masks to obscure their faces, but rather to complement them. Mufasa, Sarabi and the lionesses, for example, prowl the stage with their masks regally atop their heads, so that the animal form is merely an extension of the human one. And this, at heart, is what the Circle of Life is all about – that we’re all interconnected.

    Run time
    Two hours and 30 minutes (one intermission)

    Did you know?
    The success of The Lion King on Broadway has spawned dozens of international productions, including in London, Toronto, Sydney, Paris, Taipei, Mexico City, and others.

    The Lion King Ticket Info: offers The Lion King tickets, as well as access to the latest information about The Lion King, and much more. Click here to view the schedule, check prices, availability, and get current offers on tickets to The Lion King on Broadway.
  • With its simple yet powerful storyline, elegant and richly varied costumes and set design, entertaining cast of characters, and soaring, sing-along tunes, the Lion King will appeal to a wide range of ages, from kids to grandparents.

    Good for kids?
    From the moment the lights dim to the grand finale, kids will delight in the Lion King, eagerly following the adventures of Simba, as he evolves from cub to king. Particularly appealing for kids are the colorful – and often very funny – characters; the catchy songs; and the fascinating way the jungle comes to life on stage through creative effects and richly detailed costumes.
  • Minskoff Theatre Location Information:

    200 West 45th St.
    New York, NY 10036

    Nearest subway
    A, C, E to 42nd St./Port Authority (Eighth Ave.); N, Q, R to 42nd St./Times Sq. (Broadway)

    About the Minskoff Theatre
    Over 200 craftsmen and artisans worked nearly six months to extensively refurbish the Minskoff Theatre to stage Disney's The Lion King. The 1,597-seat theater has concession and souvenir stands where you can buy snacks, drinks and memorabilia.

    The Lion King Ticket Info: offers The Lion King tickets, as well as access to the latest information about The Lion King, and much more. Click here to view the schedule, check prices, availability, and get current offers on tickets to The Lion King on Broadway.
  • Preview The Lion King on Broadway

    Get a glimpse of the incredible costumes, the magnificent sets and the beautiful music that makes up The Lion King – the highest-grossing Broadway show of all time.

    Get The Lion King Tickets Now:
    You've gotten a glimpse of The Lion King on Broadway, now here's your chance to have it all. Click here to buy tickets to The Lion King from
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The Lion King

Minskoff Theatre
200 West 45th St.

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Upcoming Performances
The Lion King is currently playing at:
Minskoff Theatre
200 West 45th St.
New York, NY 10036
12/23  TUESDAY 2:00pm
01/04  SUNDAY 3:00pm
01/06  TUESDAY 7:00pm
01/07  WEDNESDAY 7:00pm
01/08  THURSDAY 8:00pm
01/09  FRIDAY 8:00pm
01/10  SATURDAY 2:00pm
01/11  SUNDAY 1:00pm
01/13  TUESDAY 7:00pm
01/14  WEDNESDAY 7:00pm
The Lion King tickets sell out frequently.
Make sure to plan and buy tickets in advance.
Run Time: Two hours and 30 minutes (one intermission)
Age Limit: 6 and older


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