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Manhattan Hotels

When you think of New York, it’s Manhattan that leaps to mind, with its forest of skyscrapers, booming financial district, upscale shops—and the greatest variety of hotels in the world, from palatial towers to Downtown lofts to historic townhouses to lively hostels. Manhattan may be the smallest of the five boroughs—with a footprint of 23 square miles—but it has the highest population density, and is unquestionably the beating heart of New York City. Manhattan receives the most visitors in New York City, but it also has the most hotel rooms—over 80,000 at last count. Use our list of hotels as a guide to your New York City visit.



It’s said that New York City is the city that never sleeps, yet it offers many places to do so. The statistics bear this out: Manhattan has nearly 350 hotels—and a very impressive occupancy rate of around 85 percent. Manhattan may be a competitive hotel market, but it’s also highly lucrative, and new hotels pop up continually to accommodate the over 50 million yearly visitors. Perhaps the greatest appeal of Manhattan’s hotels is the phenomenal variety, from opulent five-star hotels with crystal chandeliers to friendly mid-price hotels to budget hostels with cheap beds and game rooms. New York City may be known for its exorbitant hotel prices, but if you take the time to search, you can easily find numerous affordable options. Hotels range from the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Central Park and Trump International Hotel & Tower to mid-range options like the Gershwin Hotel and Pod 51 to budget hostels, including Jazz on the Park and Big Apple Hostel. When you’re shopping for hotels in Manhattan, one of the most important factors is choosing the right neighborhood. Each part of town has its own unique personality, from the manicured Upper East Side to the bohemian bars and restaurants of Greenwich Village. Check out our hotel neighborhoods guide for more.

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